BD6222FP-EVAL-N: DC Brush Motor, 6 ~ 15V

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This evaluation board has been developed for ROHM’s H-Bridge driver customers evaluating the BD62x2FP series. The BD62x2FP series can operate across a wide range of power supply voltages (from 3V to 32V max), supporting output currents of up to 2A. PWM signal control (20 kHz-100 kHz) or VREF control modes are used to vary motor rotation speeds.

ROHM’s ICs are complete with over current protection (OCP), over voltage protection (OVP), thermal shutdown (TSD) and under voltage lock out (UVLO) protection circuits while also facilitating a low-power consumption design (10μA max). Overlap (shoot-through) protection to prevent high currents during motor reversal or breaking is also built in. In addition, the devices are designed to withstand up to 4 kV ESD.

H-Bridge Motor Driver Operation Modes

  • a) Stand-by mode
  • b) Forward mode
  • c) Reverse mode
  • d) Brake mode
  • e) Forward PWM control mode
  • f) Reverse PWM control mode
  • g) Forward VREF control mode
  • h) Reverse VREF control mode
  • Manufacturer Rohm Semiconductor
    Category Motor Control
    Sub-Category Motor Control
    Eval Board Part Number BD6222FP-EVAL-N-ND
    Eval Board Supplier Rohm Semiconductor
    Eval Board
    Normally In Stock
    Voltage In
    6 ~ 15 V
    Number of Drivers
    Motor Type
    DC Brush Motor
    Power / Current Out
    2 A
    Over Current Protection
    Over Voltage Protection
    Shoot-Through Protection (Overlap)
    Thermal Protection
    Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out
    Component Count + Extras
    4 + 15
    Application / Target Market
    DVD Players
    Design Author
    Main I.C.