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Digi-Key Part Number377-1923-ND
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NG-9513 Bud Industries | 377-1923-ND DigiKey Electronics

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Datasheets NG-9511-17
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Video File Bud's Custom Capabilities
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Featured Product BUD Industries NEMA 4X Enclosures
2D Drawing NG-9511-17.dxf
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Cables, Wires - Management


Cable and Cord Grips

TypeCable Gland
Cable Diameter0.20" ~ 0.30" (5.0mm ~ 7.5mm)
Thread SizePG11
Conduit Hub Size-
Panel Hole Size-
IncludesNut, Gasket, Seal
Ingress Protection-
Online CatalogNEMA 4x Gland
For Use With
377-1112-ND - BOX POLY 2.52X2.28X1.38" GRY
377-1113-ND - BOX ABS 2.52X2.28X1.38" GRY
377-1114-ND - BOX POLY 4.53X2.56X1.58" GRY
377-1115-ND - BOX ABS 4.53X2.56X1.58" GRY
377-1116-ND - BOX POLY 4.53X2.56X2.17" GRY
377-1117-ND - BOX POLY 4.53X2.56X2.17" GRY/CLR
377-1118-ND - BOX ABS 4.53X2.56X2.17" GRY
377-1119-ND - BOX POLY 4.53X3.54X2.17" GRY
377-1120-ND - BOX POLY 4.53X3.54X2.17" GRY/CLR
377-1121-ND - BOX ABS 4.53X3.54X2.17" GRY
377-1122-ND - BOX POLY 6.73X4.76X2.17" GRY
377-1123-ND - BOX POLY 6.73X4.76X2.17" GRY/CLR
377-1124-ND - BOX ABS 6.73X4.76X2.17" GRY
377-1125-ND - BOX POLY 8.74X5.74X2.17" GRY
377-1126-ND - BOX ABS 8.74X5.74X2.17" GRY
377-1127-ND - BOX POLY 6.73X4.76X3.16" GRY
377-1128-ND - BOX ABS 6.73X4.76X3.16" GRY
377-1129-ND - BOX POLY 4.53X3.54X3.15" GRY
377-1130-ND - BOX ABS 4.53X3.54X3.15" GRY
377-1131-ND - BOX POLY 8.74X5.74X2.96" GRY
377-1132-ND - BOX ABS 8.74X5.74X2.96" GRY
377-1133-ND - BOX POLY 6.30X3.15X2.17" GRY/CLR
377-1134-ND - BOX POLY 6.30X3.15X3.35" GRY
377-1135-ND - BOX ABS 6.30X3.15X3.35" GRY
377-1136-ND - BOX POLY 7.87X4.72X2.96" GRY
377-1137-ND - BOX ABS 7.87X4.72X2.96" GRY
377-1255-ND - BOX POLY 4.53X2.56X1.58" GRY/CLR
377-1256-ND - BOX POLY 8.74X5.74X2.96" GRY/CLR
377-1257-ND - BOX POLY 7.87X4.72X2.96" GRY/CLR
377-1258-ND - BOX POLY 10.43X7.28X3.74" GRY
377-1259-ND - BOX ABS 10.43X7.28X3.74" GRY
PN-1341-ND - BOX POLY 9.45X6.30X4.72" GRY
PN-1320-C-ND - BOX POLY 2.52X2.28X1.38" GRY/CLR
377-1965-ND - BOX POLY 8.74X5.74X2.17" GRY/CLR
377-1936-ND - BOX POLY 7.68X3.15X2.17" GRY
PN-1326-C-ND - BOX POLY 7.68X3.15X2.17" GRY/CLR
PN-1326-DG-ND - BOX ABS 7.68X3.15X2.17" GRY
PN-1327-C-ND - BOX POLY 6.73X4.76X3.16" GRY/CLR
PN-1328-C-ND - BOX POLY 4.53X3.54X3.15" GRY/CLR
PN-1330-ND - BOX POLY 2.05X1.97X1.38" GRY
PN-1330-C-ND - BOX POLY 2.05X1.97X1.38" GRY/CLR
PN-1330-DG-ND - BOX ABS 2.05X1.97X1.38" GRY
PN-1331-ND - BOX POLY 3.23X3.15X2.17" GRY
PN-1331-C-ND - BOX POLY 3.23X3.15X2.17" GRY/CLR
377-1933-ND - BOX ABS 3.23X3.15X2.17" GRY
PN-1332-ND - BOX POLY 6.30X3.15X2.17" GRY
PN-1332-DG-ND - BOX ABS 6.30X3.15X2.17" GRY
PN-1333-C-ND - BOX POLY 6.30X3.15X3.35" GRY/CLR
PN-1335-C-ND - BOX POLY 10.43X7.3X3.74" GRY/CLR
PN-1336-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X4.72X2.36" GRY
PN-1336-C-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X4.72X2.36" GRY/CLR
PN-1336-DG-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X2.36" GRY
PN-1337-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X4.72X3.54" GRY
PN-1337-C-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X4.72X3.54" GRY/CLR
PN-1337-DG-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X3.54" GRY
PN-1338-ND - BOX POLY 6.30X6.30X2.36" GRY
PN-1338-C-ND - BOX POLY 6.30X6.30X2.36" GRY/CLR
PN-1338-DG-ND - BOX ABS 6.30X6.30X2.36" GRY
377-1931-ND - BOX POLY 6.30X6.30X3.54" GRY
PN-1339-C-ND - BOX POLY 6.30X6.30X3.54" GRY/CLR
PN-1339-DG-ND - BOX ABS 6.30X6.30X3.54" GRY
PN-1340-ND - BOX POLY 9.45X6.30X3.54" GRY
PN-1340-C-ND - BOX POLY 9.45X6.30X3.54" GRY/CLR
377-1925-ND - BOX ABS 9.45X6.30X3.54" GRY
PN-1341-C-ND - BOX POLY 9.45X6.30X4.72" GRY/CLR
PN-1341-DG-ND - BOX ABS 9.45X6.30X4.72" GRY
PN-1342-ND - BOX POLY 11.81X9.06X3.41" GRY
PN-1342-C-ND - BOX POLY 11.81X9.1X3.41" GRY/CLR
PN-1342-DG-ND - BOX ABS 11.81X9.06X3.41" GRY
377-1940-ND - BOX POLY 11.81X9.06X4.39" GRY
PN-1343-C-ND - BOX POLY 11.81X9.1X4.39" GRY/CLR
PN-1343-DG-ND - BOX ABS 11.81X9.06X4.39" GRY
PN-1344-ND - BOX POLY 14.13X7.85X5.91" GRY
PN-1344-C-ND - BOX POLY 14.13X7.9X5.91" GRY/CLR
PN-1344-DG-ND - BOX ABS 14.13X7.85X5.91" GRY
PN-1323-MOD-ND - BOX POLY 4.53X3.54X2.17" GRY
PNR-2600-ND - BOX POLY 3.94X3.94X2.19" GRY
PNR-2600-C-ND - BOX POLY 3.94X3.94X2.19" GRY/CLR
PNR-2600-DG-ND - BOX ABS 3.94X3.94X2.19" GRY
PNR-2601-ND - BOX POLY 3.94X3.94X3.56" GRY
PNR-2601-C-ND - BOX POLY 3.94X3.94X3.56" GRY/CLR
PNR-2601-DG-ND - BOX ABS 3.94X3.94X3.56" GRY
PNR-2602-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X3.15X2.18" GRY
PNR-2602-C-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X3.15X2.18" GRY/CLR
PNR-2602-DG-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X3.15X2.18" GRY
PNR-2603-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X3.15X3.38" GRY
PNR-2603-C-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X3.15X3.38" GRY/CLR
PNR-2603-DG-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X3.15X3.38" GRY
PNR-2604-ND - BOX POLY 7.87X4.72X3.55" GRY
PNR-2604-C-ND - BOX POLY 7.87X4.72X3.55" GRY/CLR
PNR-2604-DG-ND - BOX ABS 7.87X4.72X3.55" GRY
PNR-2605-ND - BOX POLY 9.43X4.72X2.38" GRY
PNR-2605-C-ND - BOX POLY 9.43X4.72X2.38" GRY/CLR
PNR-2605-DG-ND - BOX ABS 9.43X4.72X2.38" GRY
PNR-2606-ND - BOX POLY 9.43X4.72X3.96" GRY
PNR-2606-C-ND - BOX POLY 9.43X4.72X3.96" GRY/CLR
PNR-2606-DG-ND - BOX ABS 9.43X4.72X3.96" GRY
PNR-2607-ND - BOX POLY 7.86X5.90X2.18" GRY
PNR-2607-C-ND - BOX POLY 7.86X5.90X2.18" GRY/CLR
PNR-2607-DG-ND - BOX ABS 7.86X5.90X2.18" GRY
PNR-2608-ND - BOX POLY 7.86X5.90X2.97" GRY
PNR-2608-C-ND - BOX POLY 7.86X5.90X2.97" GRY/CLR
PNR-2608-DG-ND - BOX ABS 7.86X5.90X2.97" GRY
Other Names377-1923
NG 9513
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Bud's Custom Capabilities
Bud's Custom Capabilities

15:52:39 3/29/2015