TE Connectivity Distributor

FPC Connectors

TE Connectivity's flexible printed circuits (FPC) are reduced in size and weight

TE Connectivity's larger pitch FPC connectors are an ideal solution for routing signal through your device when standard wire-to-board products are too large or impractical. Set on larger centerline pitch, these FPC products are generally found in larger mobile devices such as hand-held scanners, cameras and GPS units; as well as in larger applications such as set-top boxes, business equipment, and industrial controls. TE Connectivity's FPC Connectors

  • Uses FPC / FFC cable
  • Low profile height
  • Available in zero insertion force (ZIF) and non-ZIF
  • Variety of centerline spacing options
  • Available with tin-lead or lead-free plating
  • Available in SMT and T/H PCB termination
  • Available in right-angle and vertical mounting orientations
  • Right-angle version available with top or bottom contact
  • Solder pads and kinked legs for PCB retention
  • Cost effective solution that requires not tooling

  • Flat flex printed cable applications
  • Consumer electronics
  • Personal computers
  • Mobile phones
  • Smart-phones
  • Cameras
  • Set top boxes
  • Personal navigation devices
  • Game consoles
  • LC displays
  • Business equipment
  • Disk drives
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Medical equipment

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
0.30 mm Pitch
A100213CT-ND 2013928-8 CONN FPC 25POS .3MM FLIP LOC SMD Datasheet
A100214CT-ND 1-2013928-2 CONN FPC 33POS .3MM FLIP LOC SMD Datasheet
View more 0.30 mm Pitch
0.50 mm Pitch
A101330CT-ND 1734839-5 CONN FPC 5POS .5MM RT ANG SMD Datasheet
A100281CT-ND 1734592-8 CONN FPC 8POS .5MM RT ANG SMD Datasheet
View more 0.50 mm Pitch
1.00 mm Pitch
A101378CT-ND 84982-5 CONN FFC 5POS 1MM VERT SMD Datasheet
A101371CT-ND 84981-6 CONN FFC 6POS 1MM RT ANG SMD Datasheet
View more 1.00 mm Pitch
1.25 mm Pitch
A114551-ND 84534-4 CONN FFC 4POS 1.25MM VERT PCB Datasheet
A114550-ND 84533-5 CONN FFC 5POS 1.25MM R/A PCB Datasheet
View more 1.25 mm Pitch