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iCEstick Evaluation Kit

Lattice iCEstick evaluation kits offer rapid development for affordable innovation

Lattice Semiconductor's iCEstick Evaluation KitLattice Semiconductor has released the iCEstick Evaluation Kit, an easy-to-use USB thumb-drive form-factor development board that allows customers to Plug-in-and-Go with everything they need to evaluate, develop, and deliver solutions using iCE40 FPGAs. The iCE40HX-1k-based board is the lowest-cost hardware board that Lattice has produced.

The iCEstick provides software, IP, and reference designs to enable customers to implement iCE40 designs such as wireless infrared communications, or using a Pmod connector to interface with various sensors and other peripherals, purchased separately. The two interfaces,16 generic I/Os, and 5 LEDs are all accessed via the on-board iCE40HX-1k mobileFPGA.

Available from Lattice Semiconductor
  • Reference designs that run on the iCEstick
  • User manual complete with board specifications and reference design details
  • Downloads for the iCEcube2 HDL development software
  • Downloads for the Diamond Programmer software to configure the SPI flash for loading the iCE40HX-1k
  • Detailed block diagram of the iCEstick
  • Ordering information

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