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Z8051 Toolset

Zilog’s Z8051 toolset now offers seamless integration of the Keil® debugger with the on-chip debugger

This new version of Zilog's Z8051 toolset now offers seamless integration of the Keil debugger with Zilog’s On-Chip Debugger, allowing users of the Keil C51 tool to work in the Keil µVision 4 environment without switching between the Keil compiler and Zilog’s external OCD software. The Z51F3221 and Z51F6412 development kits are complete solutions that provide all of the necessary hardware and software tools to develop your application with the Z51F3221 and Z51F6412 MCUs, members of Zilog's new Z8051 product family.

Z51F0410 Evaluation Board
  • Z8051 USB On-Chip Debugger (OCD)
  • Z8051 OCD target cable (10ckt)
  • USB cable: A (male) to Mini-B cable
  • Z51F0410 evaluation kit insert (FL0148)
Zilog's Z8051 Toolset

Z51F3221/Z51F6412 Development Board
  • Z51F3221 development board (Z51F3221000ZCOG)/Z51F6412 development board (Z51F6412000ZCOG)  Z8051 USB On-Chip Debugger (OCD)
  • Z51F3221 development kit insert (FL0149)/Z51F6412 development kit insert (FL0150)
  • Z8051 OCD target cable (10ckt)
  • USB cables: two A (male) to Mini-B cable

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
269-4873-ND Z51F0410000KITG KIT DEV FOR Z51F0410 Datasheet
269-4872-ND Z51F3221000ZCOG KIT DEV FOR Z51F3221 Datasheet
269-4874-ND Z51F6412000ZCOG KIT DEV FOR Z51F6412 Datasheet