Würth Electronics Distributor

WR-TBL Terminal Blocks Series 368B

WR-TBL terminal blocks have 3.81 mm pitch, pluggable screwless connectors

Würth Electronics has extended their existing range of terminal blocks with a 3.81 mm pitch pluggable screwless connector. This connector provides easy access actuation of the terminal point and fast conductor connection due to the push in spring-cage connection. 412B is an inverted PCB layout of our current 412 series.
Würth Electronics' WR-TBL Terminal Blocks Series 368B

  • Flammability rating: UL94-V0
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +105°C
  • Lead-free and RoHS compliant
  • Current rating: 8 A
  • Working voltage: 300 VAC
  • Withstanding voltage: 2.0 KV
  • Contact resistance: 20 mΩ maximum
  • Pitch: 3.81 mm

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
732-4378-ND 691368300002B CONN TERM BLK 2POS 3.81MM GREEN Datasheet
732-4379-ND 691368300003B CONN TERM BLK 3POS 3.81MM GREEN
732-4380-ND 691368300004B CONN TERM BLK 4POS 3.81MM GREEN
732-4381-ND 691368300005B CONN TERM BLK 5POS 3.81MM GREEN
732-4382-ND 691368300006B CONN TERM BLK 6POS 3.81MM GREEN
732-4383-ND 691368300007B CONN TERM BLK 7POS 3.81MM GREEN
732-4384-ND 691368300008B CONN TERM BLK 8POS 3.81MM GREEN
732-4385-ND 691368300009B CONN TERM BLK 9POS 3.81MM GREEN
732-4386-ND 691368300010B CONN TERM BLK 10POS 3.81MM GREEN
732-4387-ND 691368300011B CONN TERM BLK 11POS 3.81MM GREEN
732-4388-ND 691368300012B CONN TERM BLK 12POS 3.81MM GREEN