Würth Electronics Distributor

WE-GDT Series

Würth Electronics gate drive transformers

Würth Electronics has released the Gate Drive Transformer family, WE-GDT, for gate drive applications in energy efficient power supplies. The design of the WE-GDT series is optimized for small size (EP5 cores) with maximum performance. Würth Electronics transformers have an isolation voltage of 1.5 kV to meet all safety requirements, and this family has 4 different standard turns ratios with one or two primary windings. The WE-GDT series can be used in signaling and power applications like synchronous flyback designs.
Würth Electronics's WE-GDT Series

  • Excellent performances in small package (EP5)
  • 1 or 2 secondary windings, 4 different turn ratios
  • Designed for gate drive application high efficient SMPS
  • Suitable for signal and power application
  • 1500 VDC insulation test voltage
  • Synchronous Flyback

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
732-4283-1-ND 760301103 XFRMR GATE DRIVE 2.5:1:1 SMD Datasheet
732-4284-1-ND 760301104 XFRMR GATE DRIVE 2:1:1 SMD Datasheet
732-4285-1-ND 760301105 XFRMR GATE DRIVE 1:1:1 SMD Datasheet
732-4286-1-ND 760301106 XFRMR GATE DRIVE 1:1 SMD Datasheet
732-4287-1-ND 760301107 XFRMR GATE DRIVE 1.5:1 SMD Datasheet
732-4288-1-ND 760301108 XFRMR GATE DRIVE 2.5:1 SMD Datasheet