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Wurth Electronics introduces the SMD WE-KI, WE-RFI, and WE-RFH series

Wurth's RF InductorsWurth Electronics is a specialist in magnetics and has extended their existing range of RF inductors with the introduction of the SMD WE-KI, WE-RFI, and WE-RFH series. The ceramic- or ferrite-core inductors based on the wire-wound technology distinguish an excellent Q factor and a high-current carrying capacity. Additional benefits are ultra-low DC resistance for the best possible efficiency and stability across a high temperature range.

WE-KI SMD Wire-Wound Ceramic Inductors
WE-KI series (ceramic core) are especially developed for high-frequency applications. They offer an excellent Q factor and highest possible self-resonant frequencies up to 12.5 GHz. The WE-KIs have very-high thermal stability with industrial operating temperature of -40°C to 125°C. This series offers inductance tolerances of 5% (2% on request) and sizes ranging from 0402 up to 1008. The recommended soldering is reflow.

WE-RFI SMD Wire-Wound Ferrite Inductors
WE-RFI series (ferrite core) inductors are especially developed for RF applications such as RFID or low-frequency radio applications. Due to the ferrite core of the WE-RFI, it is an ideal choice for higher inductance values up to 47 uH. Furthermore, this wire-wound inductor is stable across high temperature ranges. Package sizes include 0805 and 1008.

WE-RFH SMD Wire-Wound Ferrite Inductors
The WE-RFH series (ferrite core) inductors are especially developed for RF applications such as telecommunication. With comparison to the WE-RFI, the WE-RFH has high inductances, but with even higher current-handling capability up to 760 mA. Additionally, this RF inductor boasts ultra-low DC resistance along with high thermal stability. Reflow is the recommended soldering profile.

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
WE-KI SMD Wire Wound Ceramic Inductors
732-1728-1-ND 744765116A INDUCTOR 16NH .56A WW 0402 Datasheet
732-1729-1-ND 744765118A INDUCTOR 18NH .42A WW 0402 Datasheet
732-1770-1-ND 744761218C INDUCTOR 180NH .25A WW 0603 Datasheet
732-1758-1-ND 744761120C INDUCTOR 20NH .70A WW 0603 Datasheet
732-1728-1-ND 744765116A INDUCTOR 16NH .56A WW 0402 Datasheet
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WE-RFI SMD Wire Wound Ferrite Inductor
732-3437-1-ND 744760247A INDUCTOR .47UH 500MA 0805 SMD Datasheet
732-3438-1-ND 744760256A INDUCTOR .56UH 450MA 0805 SMD Datasheet
732-3440-1-ND 744760282A INDUCTOR .82UH 300MA 0805 SMD Datasheet
732-3442-1-ND 744760312A INDUCTOR 1.2UH 150MA 0805 SMD Datasheet
732-3446-1-ND 744760327A INDUCTOR 2.7UH 100MA 0805 SMD Datasheet
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WE-RFH SMD Wire Wound Ferrite Inductor
732-3469-1-ND 744758310A INDUCTOR RF 1UH 370MA 1008 SMD Datasheet
732-3473-1-ND 744758322A INDUCTOR RF 2.2UH 520MA 1008 SMD Datasheet
732-3470-1-ND 744758312A INDUCTOR RF 1.2UH 760MA 1008 SMD Datasheet
732-3471-1-ND 744758315A INDUCTOR RF 1.5UH 630MA 1008 SMD Datasheet
732-3472-1-ND 744758318A INDUCTOR RF 1.8UH 630MA 1008 SMD Datasheet
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