Vishay's New MicroSMP™ Schottky Rectifiers and TVS Devices

Schottky Rectifiers Rated to 1A and Transient Voltage Suppressors Rated to 100W Feature Miniature MicroSMP™ Package With Space-Saving 2.5mm by 1.3mm Footprint

MicroSMP™ Package The six Schottky rectifiers in Vishay's new MicroSMP™ package have junction-to-Lead thermal resistance of 30°C/W. The two TVS devices have junction-to-lead thermal resistance of 20°C/W. All the devices offer a high 25A forward surge current capability for an 8.3-ms pulse. The rectifiers are designed to provide secondary rectification and freewheeling diode functions for miniature ac-to-dc and dc-to-dc converters; flywheel and polarity protection for miniature power converters and portable electronic equipment such as digital cameras, MP3 players, navigation systems, GPS, and cellular phones; and polarity protection of power lines and signal lines for automotive and industrial systems. The TVS devices are optimized for power and signal line protection for microprocessors, signal processing ICs, and logic circuits; and high-power voltage regulation for non-sensitive input voltage circuits in automotive and industrial electronics. The new TVS devices improve on all previous TVS products in similar package types by combining ESD transient protection and a superior surge clamping capability.

Schottky Rectifiers
Vishay P/N Digi-Key (Tape & Reel) Digi-Key (Cut Tape/Digi-Reels) Voltage-Rated Current Rating  
MSS1P2L-E3/89A MSS1P2L-E3/89AGITR-ND MSS1P2L-E3/89AGI 20V 1A Datasheet
MSS1P3L-E3/89A MSS1P3L-E3/89AGITR-ND MSS1P3L-E3/89AGI 30V 1A Datasheet
MSS1P3-E3/89A MSS1P3-E3/89AGITR-ND MSS1P3-E3/89AGI 30V 1A Datasheet
MSS1P4-E3/89A MSS1P4-E3/89AGITR-ND MSS1P4-E3/89AGI 40V 1A Datasheet
MSS1P5-E3/89A MSS1P5-E3/89AGITR-ND MSS1P5-E3/89AGI 50V 1A Datasheet
MSS1P6-E3/89A MSS1P6-E3/89AGITR-ND MSS1P6-E3/89AGI 60V 1A Datasheet

Transient Voltage Suppressors
Vishay P/N Digi-Key (Tape & Reel) Digi-Key (Cut Tape/Digi-Reels) Voltage-Rated Power (Watts)  
MSP3V3-E3/89A MSP3V3-E3/89AGITR-ND MSP3V3-E3/89AGI 3.3V 100W Datasheet
MSP5.0A-E3/89A MSP5.0A-E3/89AGITR-ND MSP5.0A-E3/89AGI 5.0V 100W Datasheet
Tape/Reel (TR-ND), Cut Tape (CT-ND), and Custom Length Digi-Reels (DKR-ND)