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ACAS 0606 AT, ACAS 0612 AT Precision Thin Film Chip Resistor Array


Vishay Beyschlag and Digi-Key offer automotive devices tested according to AEC-Q200

The Vishay Beyschlag ACAS 0612 AT automotive precision thin film chip resistor array, which is tested according to AEC-Q200, offers a 1000-V ESD stability rating. The device is optimized to meet new automotive industry requirements for temperature and humidity, while offering high repeatability and stable performance for industrial, telecommunication, and consumer electronics.

The ACAS 0606 AT features two integrated resistors on one substrate. The resistor array offers a high film temperature of +155°C, a maximum power dissipation rating of 0.125 W per resistor, and is AEC-Q200 qualified. The high power rating, superior moisture resistivity of < 0.5% (85°C, 85% RH; 1000 h), and 1000 V ESD capability of the ACAS 0606 AT allow the device to meet automotive requirements while offering highly stable performance for industrial, telecommunication, and consumer electronics.
ACAS 0606 AT, ACAS 0612 AT Precision Thin Film Chip Resistor Array

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ACAS 0606 AT, ACAS 0612 AT Precision Thin Film Chip Resistor Array The ACAS 0606 AT and ACAS 0612 AT are ideally suited for applications that require extraordinarily stable fixed resistor ratios and suitable for processing on automatic SMD assembly systems. The devices deliver stable performance for automotive electronics, including engine control units, gear box controls, information, safety, power supply, body electronics, and braking systems; industrial electronics, such as energy management, measurement control, steering technology, sensors, scales, and bridged and precision amplifiers; telecommunication electronics, such as display technology and base stations; and consumer electronics, such as high-end audio and studio technology.

Features Applications
  • Two (0606) or four (0612) resistor values on one substrate
  • 155°C max. film temperature
  • ESD capability 1000 V, human body model
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Advanced thin film technology
  • TCR tracking down to 10 ppm/K (±5 ppm/K) and tolerance matching down to 0.1% (±0.05%)
  • RoHS-compliant component, compatible with lead (Pb)-free and lead bearing soldering processes
  • Precision analog circuits
  • Voltage dividers
  • Feedback circuits
  • DC/DC converters
  • Signal conditioning
RoHS Compliant

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Digi-Key Part Number Vishay Part Number Size Resistance in Ohms
Cut Tape Digi-Reel®
ACASN-100/100-EATCT-ND ACASN-100/100-EATDKR-ND ACASN1000E1000P1AT 0606 100, 100
ACASN-1.0K/1.0K-EATCT-ND ACASN-1.0K/1.0K-EATDKR-ND ACASN1001E1001P1AT 0606 1.0 K, 1.0 K
ACASN-10K/10K-EATCT-ND ACASN-10K/10K-EATDKR-ND ACASN1002E1002P1AT 0606 10 K, 10 K
ACASN-100/300-EATCT-ND ACASN-100/300-EATDKR-ND ACASN1000E3000P1AT 0606 100, 300
ACASA-100/100-EATCT-ND ACASA-100/100-EATDKR-ND ACASA1000E1000P1AT 0612 100, 100
ACASA-1.0K/1.0K-EATCT-ND ACASA-1.0K/1.0K-EATDKR-ND ACASA1001E1001P1AT 0612 1.0 K, 1.0 K
ACASA-4.7K/4.7K-EATCT-ND ACASA-4.7K/4.7K-EATDKR-ND ACASA4701E4701P1AT 0612 4.7 K, 4.7 K
ACASA-10K/10K-EATCT-ND ACASA-10K/10K-EATDKR-ND ACASA1002E1002P1AT 0612 10 K, 10 K
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