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Vicor V•I Chip Power Converters

Direct, high efficiency 48V-to-1V, 130 A conversion at >89%

Vicor’s Factorized Power Architecture separates the regulation and voltage transformation functions of a power converter into two modules, the V•I Chip PRM™ regulator and the VTM™ current multiplier/voltage transformer. This provides greater functionality, density/efficiency, and design flexibility. These small, powerful modules make it easy to improve component and system performance. The modules reduce duplicated functions, have low distribution loss, and reduce power dissipation at the load. The flexibility of these functional modules also enables power system designers to develop unique power delivery systems that meet their specific application needs. Vicor's PRM/VTM Series Regulators

  • Non-isolated, regulator
  • 400 W in 7.2 cm²
  • 200 W in 3.6 cm²
  • ZVS buck-boost topology
  • ZVS, >1 MHz switching frequency
  • Power density >80 W/cm³
  • Input Voltages: 24, 28, 36, 45, 48 V
  • Isolated, voltage transformer
  • Sine Amplitude Conversion Topology
  • Up to 130 A in 7.2 cm²
  • Up to 50 A in 3.6 cm²
  • ZVS, ZCS, >1 MHz switching frequency
  • Output Voltage: 0.2 – 55 V

  • High Performance Computing
  • Telecom
  • Solid State Lighting / Displays
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Aerospace and Defense

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
1102-1032-ND PRM48BF480T400A00 REGULATOR PRM 48V OUT 400W SMD Datasheet
1102-1019-ND P036F048T12AL REGULATOR PRM 48V OUT 120W SMD Datasheet
1102-1021-ND VTM48EF012T130A00 CONVERT DC/DC VTM 1V 130A SMD Datasheet
1102-1026-ND VTM48EH015T050A00 CONVERT DC/DC VTM 1.32V 50A SMD Datasheet
1102-1027-ND VTM48EH020T040A00 CONVERT DC/DC VTM 2V 40A SMD Datasheet
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