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Ethernet Connectivity

TRP Connector offers a broad range of Ethernet connectivity. (ACQ: TE Connectivity wire wound magnetics product group)

TRP Connector is the latest addition to the Bel Fuse Inc. group of companies. The company was established to take over the management of Bel’s acquisition of TE Connectivity’s wire wound magnetics product group (formerly Transpower Technologies). The combination of the two businesses will create an exceptional portfolio of products and enhance Bel’s leadership in the deployment of the next generation of Integrated Connector Modules (ICM), where the Ethernet magnetics solution is integrated into a connector package. The integrated magnetics solutions offered cover a range of Ethernet speeds and technologies, including; 10/100, 1 Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, and Power-over-Ethernet solutions in PoE and PoE+ configurations. TRP Connector Ethernet Connectivity

Additional Documents of Acquisition TRP Connector At-A-Glance Brochure
At-A-Glance Brochure

PTM: Integrated Connector Module, ICM Product Training Module: Integrated Connector Module, ICM

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