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A Flexible Brushless DC Motor Drive Solution

This Brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive solution provides programmable processing for multiple BLDC motor applications, coupled with 100V MOSFET drivers for advanced control of high torque motors.

Design Tools:

Manufacturer P/N Description Dev Tools Buy Now/Datasheet
LM5101B The LM5101B is a 100V MOSFET Driver designed to drive both the high-side and the low-side N-Channel MOSFETs in a synchronous buck or a half-bridge configuration.  
LM3S8971 The LM3S8971 is a Stellaris® Integrated Motor Control Driver. The LM3S8971 microcontroller also features advanced motion control features, including 6 motion-control PWM outputs with dead-band, a quadrature encoder input for precise position monitoring, and a fault protection input for low-latency shutdown. The microcontroller also features intelligent analog capability, including 1 analog comparators and 8 channels of highly accurate 10-bit analog-to-digital conversion - with the ability to sample at speeds of 1M samples per second. MDL-BLDC

AMC1200 The AMC1200 is a precision isolation amplifier with an output separated from the input circuitry by a silicon dioxide (SiO2) barrier that is highly resistant to magnetic interference. AMC1200EVM
DRV8312 The DRV8312 is a high performance, integrated three phase motor driver with an advanced protection system. DK-LM3S-DRV8312

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