TPS92510 Constant-Current Buck Converter

Texas Instruments' constant-current buck converter for high-brightness LEDs

Texas Instruments TPS92510 Constant-Current Buck Converter Texas Instruments' TPS92510 is optimized for DC/DC step-down (buck) LED illumination applications such as retrofit LED based MR-16 replacement; multiple LED string lighting such as high-bay and street lights; and other high light-output applications such as emergency and flash lighting. At the time of release, the TPS92510 is the first DC/DC buck with integrated FET in the market which can deliver 1.5 A at up to 97% efficiency with user configurable switching frequency, PWM LED current modulation and thermal foldback - three key common customer requests in DC LED lighting. Previous solutions require additional external components to achieve similar performance while adding size and cost to the lighting solution.

Features Applications
  • 3.5 V to 60 V input voltage range
  • Integrated, 200 mΩ high-side MOSFET
  • 200 mV internal voltage reference
  • ±3% LED current accuracy
  • 100 kHz to 2.5 MHz switching frequency range
  • Street lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • General illumination
  • Industrial and commercial lighting
  • MR16 LED bulbs

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Texas Instruments
Part Number
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296-35055-2-ND TPS92510DGQR Tape & Reel IC LED CNV CONST CUR 1.5A 10MSOP TPS92510 Datasheet
296-35055-1-ND Cut Tape
296-35055-6-ND Digi-Reel®
296-35058-5-ND TPS92510DGQ Tube IC LED DVR CONST CUR 1.5A 10MSOP

Evaluation Module
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Texas Instruments
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296-35515-ND TPS92510EVM-011 EVAL MODULE FOR TPS92510-001 TPS92510EVM-011 User's Guide