CSD86330Q3D Power Block and TPS53219 Buck Controller

TI's 3x3 SON power block outperforms discrete MOSFETs in low voltage synchronous buck point-of-load converters

Texas Instruments CSD86330Q3D Power Block and TPS53219 Buck ControllerEnd equipment designers from netbooks to basestations are becoming more concerned about efficiency, power loss, and power density. Designers must improve efficiency and support higher load currents while their end customers are expecting smaller form factors. Traditional approaches to improve efficiency in DC/DC synchronous buck converters include reducing conduction losses in the MOSFETs through lower RDS(ON) devices and lowering switching losses through low frequency operation. The incremental improvements in RDS(ON) are at a point of diminishing returns and lower frequency does not support improvements in power density.

Texas Instruments' 3x3 SON NexFET™ Power Block (CSD86330Q3D) is designed to leverage the NexFET power MOSFET’s significantly lower gate charge and an innovative stacked die packaging approach to help overcome these limitations. The graph below illustrates (click to enlarge) the Power Block’s efficiency using the TPS53219 (high performance PWM buck controller in a 3x3 QFN package). As can be seen, the combination achieves over 90% efficiency from 3 A to 15 A (gray curve). The Power Block can be used to dramatically outperform competitors’ 3x3 discrete devices and uses half the board space. It can also operate at frequencies up to 1.5 MHz to further improve power density.

  CSD86330Q3D Features   TPS53219 Features
  • Half-bridge power block
  • 90% system efficiency at 15 A
  • Up to 20 A operation
  • High frequency operation (up to 1.5 MHz)
  • High density – SON 3.3 mm × 3.3 mm footprint
  • Optimized for 5 V gate drive
  • Low switching losses
  • Ultra low inductance package
  • RoHS compliant / halogen free / Pb-free terminal plating
  • Wide input voltage range: 4.5 V to 28 V
  • Output voltage range: 0.6 V to 5.5 V
  • Wide output load range: 0 A to > 20 A
  • Built-in 0.6 V reference
  • Built-in LDO linear voltage regulator
  • Auto-skip Eco-mode™ for light load efficiency
  • D-CAP™ mode with 100 ns load-step response
  • Adaptive on-time control architecture with eight
    selectable frequency settings

Texas Instruments
Part Number
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CSD86330Q3D 8-SON
3 mm x 3 mm
CSD86330Q3D Photo CSD86330Q3D Datasheet

Texas Instruments
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Exposed Pad
TPS53219RGTR Photo TPS53219RGTR Datasheet

Available in Tape & Reel, Cut Tape, and custom Digi-Reel®
Texas Instruments CSD86330Q3D Efficiency vs. Load Current
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