MSP430 Microcontrollers

16-bit performance at an 8-bit price

More Memory, More Performance, Lower Power

MSP430’s Value Line offers more RAM for added agility, higher resolution timers for increased precision, and faster processing power for more efficient instruction execution – all with minimal power requirements. Unleash your application’s untapped potential with the 16-bit MSP430 Value Line.

Flash-Based MSP430G2xx Value Series (Vcc 1.8 to 3.6V)

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Program Total Times Watchdog BOR USI:
Comp_A+ Temp Sensor ADC Ch/Res
NEW G2xx2 Series - Capacitive Touch Sense Enabled I/Os
296-28124-1-ND MSP430G2152IPW14R 1KB 1 8ch ADC10
296-28126-1-ND MSP430G2152IPW20R
296-28128-1-ND MSP430G2152IRSA16R
296-28123-5-ND MSP430G2452IN20 8KB 1 8ch ADC10
296-28125-1-ND MSP430G2452IPW14R
296-28127-1-ND MSP430G2452IPW20R
296-28129-1-ND MSP430G2452IRSA16R
  G2xx1 Series
296-25828-5-ND MSP430G2001IPW14 0.512 1 - - - -
296-25829-5-ND MSP430G2211IN14 2 1 - - -
296-25830-5-ND MSP430G2211IPW14
296-25831-1-ND MSP430G2211IRSA16R
296-25832-5-ND MSP430G2231IN14 2 1 - 8ch ADC10
296-25833-5-ND MSP430G2231IPW14
296-25834-1-ND MSP430G2231IRSA16R

MSP430™ Microcontrollers

MSP430 Microcontrollers (MCUs) from Texas Instruments (TI) are 16-bit, RISC-based, mixed-signal processors designed specifically for ultra-low-power (ULP). MSP430 MCUs have the right mix of intelligent peripherals, ease of use, low cost, and lowest power consumption for thousands of applications – including yours. TI offers robust design support for the MSP430 MCU platform along with technical documents, training, tools, and software to help designers develop products and release them to market faster.

Key Features

  • Up to 10x performance, including true 16 MIPS operation
  • Five power modes with ultra-low standby power of 0.4µA and<1µs wake-up time
  • Integrated intelligent peripherals
  • Up to 2KB flash and 128B RAM - future devices will include up to 16KB flash and 512B RAM
  • Full code compatibility across MSP430 platform

Get more flash, Ram, and speed with the MSP430 Value Line

  Flash RAM Timers WDT Operation MIPS GPIO Low Power Modes
Competitor A 512B 25B 8-bit Yes 2-5.5V 1 6 2
MSP430G2001 512B 128B 16-bit Yes 1.8-3.6V 16 10 5

Leading ultra-low power consumption drives longer battery life and smaller form factors


Typical battery powered applications spend 99-99.9% of their time in standby mode. MSP430G2xx power consumption is lower than typical 8-bit MCUs - as low as (at 2.2V):

  • 0.1µA RAM retention
  • 0.4µA standby mode (VLO)
  • 0.7µA real-time clock mode
  • Ultra-Fast Wake-Up From Standby Mode in <1µs

Up to 10X lower power

MSP430 + Intelligent Peripherals

msp bubble

MSP430 + Intelligent Peripherals

Code Required by MSP430 with Intelligent Peripherals

   bis.w   #CPUOFF,SR

Competing low cost 8-bit products require the CPU to be active for each ADC conversion and loaded data transfer. MSP430’s ADC10 with Data Transfer Controller (DTC) can manage ADC samples throughout entire memory range – All without CPU overhead!

  • Less time in Active Mode saves power
  • CPU available for other more advanced tasks
  • Intelligent autonomous
  • Deterministic behavior

MSP430 Value Line devices are integrated with intelligent peripherals including ADC10 with DTC, comparators, SPI, I2C, and 16-bit timers. Upcoming MSP430G2xx devices will additionally feature capacitive touch I/O pins and UART. These intelligent peripherals allow the MSP430G2xx to do more tasks independent of the CPU, lowering average current consumption and allowing the CPU to focus on more advanced tasks.

This is especially evident in sensing, security, and other low power applications. With the MSP430G2xx’s integrated ADC10 with DTC, samples and memory allocation can be done autonomously without CPU intervention. Compared to competing MCUs, the intelligent peripherals integrated into the MSP430G2xx enable lower power consumption, minimize CPU activity, and improve code density.

Powerful, low cost development tools starting at $20

eZ430-F2013eZ430-F2013: $20 Development System
  • Real-time, in-system emulation
  • Removable target with full pin access
IDEs Free, unrestricted software IDEs
  • Code Composer Studio® v4
  • IAR Embedded Workbench
Flash Tools Flash Emulation Tools + Socketed Target Board
  • MSP-FET430U14 includes FET & 2xx Target Board
  • Included MSP-FET430UIF Compatible with all MSP430 devices
Socketed Target Board Socketed Target Board Value Line
  • MSP-TS430PW14 socketed target board works with MSP-FET430UIF for debugging and programming

Additional PTMs:

Getting started with hardware development tools:

LaunchPad BoosterPack

LaunchPad BoosterPack is a plug in board for the MSP430 Value Line LaunchPad development kit (MSP-EXP430G2). This BoosterPack features several capacitive touch elements including a scroll wheel, button, and proximity sensor. Also, on-board are nine LEDs that provide instant feedback as users interact with the capacitive touch elements.


MSP430 microcontrollers featuring FRAM are one-hundred times faster than flash when writing, have virtually unlimited write endurance, operate at under 100 µA/MHz in active power mode and have true unified memory. They are backwards code compatible with all MSP430 devices and eliminate the need for EEPROM.

MSP430L092 0.9V MCU

Texas Instruments' MSP430 family of ultra-low power microcontrollers consists of several devices featuring different sets of peripherals targeted for various applications. The architecture, combined with five low-power modes, is optimized to achieve extended battery life in portable measurement applications. The device features a powerful 16-bit RISC CPU, 16-bit registers, and constant generators that contribute to maximum code efficiency.

eZ430 - Chronos

Representing a new era in development, the eZ430-Chronos is the world's first customizable development environment within a sports watch. This kit allows developers to easily harness the leading integration, ultra-low power, and wireless capabilities of TI's CC430 MCU. Priced at $49, Chronos was designed to provide customers with all of the hardware and software needed to immediately begin development of wireless networking applications, regardless of programming expertise.

eZ430™ Development Tools

eZ430 development tools includes all the hardware and software needed for a complete MSP430 project in a portable USB stick. eZ430 tools includes a free IDE, provide full emulation capabilities, and include detachable target boards.

Experimenter Boards

Experimenter Boards from Texas Instruments feature selected MSP430 devices and additional hardware components for easy system evaluation and prototyping. They are the ideal platform for learning a new architecture or testing the capabilities of a device.

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MSP430L092 - The Texas Instruments MSP430 family of ultra-low-power microcontrollers consists of several devices featuring different sets of peripherals targeting for various applications.


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