Industrial Communication Winning Solution

Texas Instruments' industrial communication solutions support all major industrial protocols, with new ones added continuously

Texas Instruments Industrial Communication Winning Solution At the core of Texas Instruments' industrial communication solution is the AM3359 Industrial Communications Engine (ICE). The ICE is a development platform targeted for systems that specifically focus on the industrial-communications capabilities of the Sitara AM335x ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor family. It enables low foot print designs with minimal external components and with best-in-class low-power performance. Complementing the AM3359 processor on the ICE are the latest industrial PHY transceivers for 10/100 Ethernet, isolated Profibus® RS-485, and isolated CAN interfaces. Other connectivity options include digital input/output (I/O), SPI, UART, and JTAG (via USB) for debugging. View full size Block Diagram

AM3359: Sitara™ ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor with integrated Programmable Real-time Unit (PRU) architected to implement real-time communication technologies used in a broad range of industrial automation equipment
TLK110: Low-power, full-feature industrial 10/100 Ethernet PHY transceiver with integrated cable diagnostics capable of error-free operation up to 150 meters
ISO1176T: Isolated Profibus® RS-485 transceiver with integrated transformer driver capable of data rates to 40 Mbps, providing galvanic isolation of 3000 Vrms and transient immunity of 50 kV/µs
ISO1050: Isolated CAN transceiver that meets the specifications of the ISO11898-2 standard, providing galvanic isolation of 5000 Vrms and transient immunity of 50 kV/µs
TPS65910A: Integrated power management IC with 4 DC/DCs, 8 LDOs, and RTC in a 6 x 6 mm QFN package

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Part Number
Texas Instruments
Part Number
296-36881-ND AM3359BZCZA80 IC ARM CORTEX A8 80MHZ 324NFBGA AM335x Datasheet
296-30096-1-ND TLK110PTR IC ETHERNET PHY 10/100 48LQFP TLK110PTR Datasheet
296-28103-5-ND ISO1176TDW IC TXRX RS485 PROFIBUS 16SOIC ISO1176TDW Datasheet
296-28089-ND ISO1050DW IC TXRX ISOLATED CAN 5V 16SOIC ISO1050DW Datasheet
296-29494-ND TPS65910AA1RSL IC PWR MGMT 4DCDC/8 LDO 48VQFN TPS65910AA1RSL Datasheet