F2806x Floating-Point Piccolo™

Texas Instruments Piccolo MCUs offer floating-point precision and increased math capabilities

Texas Instruments F2806x Floating Point Piccolo MCUs Texas Instruments' F2806x series expands Piccolo™ low-cost, high integration 32-bit microcontrollers to include floating-point ease of use along with increased communication capabilities. The math computing capabilities are greatly increased not only by a speed bump to 80MHz, but also by the addition of the new VCU complex math unit. Flash and RAM size have been increased, and Piccolo sees new peripherals such as USB (with host), DMA, and HiRes capture. These advances open the door to a wide array of new application possibilities. For example, the engineers can easily add any variant of power line communication to their applications without the need for an additional MCU.

There is now a low-cost controlSTICK for instant plug-and-play with your computer. The F28069 controlSTICK includes on-board emulation, so it's a complete development kit, along with TI's Code Composer Studio™ v4 IDE and graphical programming. There is also an Experimenter's Kit with the F28069 controlCARD. The controlCARD will also be sold individually and can be plugged into all existing evaluation and application kits. The F28069 Piccolo Experimenter Kit is an ideal product for OEMs to use for initial device exploration and testing.   Piccolo Product Brief

  Features   Applications
  • Up to 80MHz, 32-bit C28x™ CPU
  • 16kB to 256kB embedded flash
  • 12-bit ADC, up to 4.6 MSPS
  • 150ps high-resolution ePWM
  • Control law accelerator
  • Package options starting at 38-pin TSSOP
  • Integrated oscillator, voltage regulator, BOR/POR
  • Single-rail 3.3V device
  • Floating-point and fixed-point options
  • Solar inverters
  • LED lighting
  • Electric vehicles
  • Appliances
  • Digital power
  • Motor control
  • Renewable energy
  • PLC

EVM/Development Kits
Part Number
296-28115-ND F28069 Piccolo controlSTICK - The innovative Piccolo controlSTICK allows quick and easy evaluation all of the advanced capabilities of TI's new Piccolo microcontroller. Slightly larger than a memory stick, the Piccolo controlSTICK features on board JTAG emulation and access to all control peripherals. Example projects walk the user through the advanced functionality of Piccolo, from simply blinking an LED to configuring the high resolution ePWM peripherals. The kit comes with a GUI which provides a convenient way to evaluate the functionality of the F28069 device without needing to learn and configure the underlying project software or install CCStudio. The GUI requires Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 SP1 or higher to run. Quick Start Guide
296-28116-ND F28069 Piccolo controlCARD - The C2000 controlCARDs from Texas Instruments are ideal products for OEMs to use for initial software development and short run builds for system prototypes, test stands, and many other projects that require easy access to high-performance controllers. The controlCARDs are complete board-level modules that utilize an industry-standard DIMM form factor to provide a low-profile single-board controller solution. All of the C2000 controlCARDs use the same 100-pin connector footprint to provide the analog and digital I/Os on-board controller and are completely interchangeable. Each controlCARD provides an isolated RS-232 interface for communications. The host system needs to provide only a single 5V power rail to the controlCARD for it to be fully functional. Product Brief
296-28117-ND F28069 Piccolo Experimenter Kit - The C2000 Experimenter Kits from Texas Instruments are ideal products for OEMs to use for initial device exploration and testing. The Piccolo F28069 Experimenter Kit has a docking station that features on board USB JTAG emulation, access to all controlCARD signals, breadboard areas and RS-232 and JTAG connectors. Each kit contains a 28069 controlCARD. The controlCARD is a complete board level module that utilizes and industry-standard DIMM form factor to provide a low-profiles single-board controller solution. Kit is complete with Code Composer Studio™ IDE v4 and USB cable. Product Brief