C553X Ultra-Low-Power DSP Value Line

Texas Instruments C553x Ultra-low-power DSP Value Line

Texas Instruments' ultra-low-power C553x DSPs with extreme peripheral integration

Texas Instruments' TMS320C5532, TMS320C5533, TMS320C5534 and TMS320C55835 are extremely low cost, low power 16-bit processors which help conserve energy at exceptional levels and enable longer battery life. With 240 MIPS performance, up to 320 KB on-chip memory, higher integration (including a hardware accelerator for FFT computation) than comparable devices, the C553x product generation provides a foundation for a range of signal processing applications, including voice and audio recorder, musical instruments, portable medical solutions and other consumer electronics in industrial and security applications.  C553x Datasheet

  • Four devices, (C5532, C5533, C5534 and C5535) each with 50 MHz and 100 MHz performance options, enable math-intensive algorithms and the ability to run numerically-precise, low-cost, ultra-low-power applications
  • The industry’s lowest total power DSP, with total active core power at less than 0.15 mW/MHz at 1.05 V and standby power at less than 0.15 mW – up to six times lower power consumption than the nearest competition
  • 0.8 mm BGA package allows use of four-layer printed circuit board (PCB) to reduce overall system cost
  • Integrated high-speed peripherals: USB 2.0 with PHY, SD/eMMC, I2S, UART, SPI, and GPIO
  • On-chip memory options ranging from 64 KB to 320 KB for scalability according to application needs
  • Up to 1024-point programmable Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) co-processor
  • LCD display controller and 10-bit, four-channel successive approximation (SAR) ADC for intuitive interface
  • 1-3 low-dropout regulators (LDOs) enable integrated power management

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Texas Instruments
Part Number
Part Number
Voltage -
TMS320C5532AZHHA05 296-30041-ND 50 MHz 64 kB 1.05 V 144-LFBGA C553x Datasheet
TMS320C5532AZHHA10 296-30040-ND 100 MHz 64 kB 1.05 V, 1.30 V
TMS320C5533AZHHA05 296-30042-ND 50 MHz 128 kB 1.05 V
TMS320C5533AZHHA10 296-30043-ND 100 MHz 128 kB 1.05 V, 1.30 V
TMS320C5534AZHHA05 296-30044-ND 50 MHz 256 kB 1.05 V
TMS320C5534AZHHA10 296-30045-ND 100 MHz 256 kB 1.05 V, 1.30 V
TMS320C5535AZHH05 296-29559-ND 50 MHz 320 kB 1.05 V
TMS320C5535AZHH10 296-29560-ND 100 MHz 320 kB 1.05 V, 1.30 V
TMS320C5535AZHHA05 296-29561-ND 50 MHz 320 kB 1.05 V
TMS320C5535AZHHA10 296-29562-ND 100 MHz 320 kB 1.05 V, 1.30 V

Development Kit
Texas Instruments
Part Number
Part Number
Description Photo  
TMDX5535EZDSP 296-29472-ND Contents include a C5535 eZdsp board, CCStudio IDE Rev. 4.0, a headphone with mic, a 2-GB micro SD card, a free software framework for USB audio class and human interface device (HID) applications and an out-of-the-box comprehensive demo for USB audio class applications. TMDX5535EZDSP Photo TMDX5535EZDSP Datasheet