Texas Instruments Amplifiers and Linear Solutions

Texas Instruments delivers a broad portfolio of amplifier and linear solutions including precision and high speed op amps, instrumentation and differential amplifiers along with comparators. TI has an amplifier for any application. Get expert advise on your amplifier design problems with our amplifier forum, design tools, selection guides, calculators and SPICE models.

Fully Differential

LMH6881 - 2.4GHz Programmable Differential Amplifier with Gain Control

LMH6881TI’s programmable differential amplifiers (PDAs), LMH688x, deliver industry-leading performance while significantly reducing design time, size, and complexity. Unlike traditional differential amplifiers with external-resistor based designs, the LMH688x offers optimized noise, distortion, and bandwidth performance across the entire gain range with its well-matched gain control, enabling more flexible, robust, and cost-efficient systems. In comparison to traditional DVGAs, the LMH688X offers minimal noise and distortion performance variation over the wide gain range.

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THS4520 - Rail-to-Rail Output Wideband Fully Differential Amplifier

THS4520Rail to rail output fully differential amplifier with slew rate of 570µs/V and 620MHz small signal bandwidth for high speed and wideband applications. Output common mode control allows DC coupling to ADC input. Delivers HD2 of -155dBc and HC3 of -123dBc at 100kHz, 8Vp-p. Consumes 15.3mA in full operation and only 15µA at power down. Available in QFN-16.

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THS4120, THS4121

THS4509 - Wideband, Low-Noise, Low-Distortion, Fully-Differential Amplifier

THS4509Fully differential amplifier with small signal bandwidth of 1.9GHz and 6600 V/µs slew rate, ideal for time domain, high speed applications. Can be DC coupled to ADC input. Delivers low harmonic distortion HD2 of -75dBc and HD3 of -88dBc at 70MHz, 2Vp-p for better signal fidelity. Consumes 37.7mA in full operation and only 0.65mA at power down. Available in QFN-16.

Associated Products
THS4508, THS4511, THS4513

LMH6550 - Differential, High Speed Op Amp

LMH6550The LMH®6550 is a high performance voltage feedback differential amplifier. The LMH6550 has the high speed and low distortion necessary for driving high performance ADCs as well as the current handling capability to drive signals over balanced transmission lines like CAT 5 data cables. 

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LMH6554 - 2.8 GHz Ultra Linear Fully Differential Amplifier

LMH65542.8GHz ultra linear amplifier with HD2 of -79dBc and HD3 of -70dBc at 250MHz, 2Vp-p. Delivers 0.1dB gain flatness at > 800MHz enabling high accuracy for wide bandwidth signal amplification for driving 8 to 16 bit high speed data acquisition systems. the LMH6554 has unity gain, small-signal bandwidth of 2.8 GHz and allows operation at gains greater than unity without sacrificing response flatness, bandwidth, harmonic distortion, or output noise performance.

LMH6514 - 600 MHz, Digital Controlled, Variable Gain Amplifier

LMH6514The LMH6514 is a high performance, digitally controlled variable gain amplifier (DVGA). It combines precision gain control with a low noise, ultra-linear, differential amplifier. Typically, the LMH6514 drives a high performance ADC in a broad range of mixed signal and digital communication applications such as mobile radio and cellular base stations where automatic gain control (AGC) is required to increase system dynamic range. When used in conjunction with a high speed ADC, system dynamic range can be extended by up to 42 dB.

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LMH6517 - Low Power, Low Noise IF and Baseband Dual 16 bit ADC Driver With Digitally Controlled Gain

LMH6517The LMH6517 contains two high performance, digitally controlled variable gain amplifiers (DVGA). It has been designed for use in narrowband and broadband IF sampling applications. Typically the LMH6517 drives a high performance ADC in a broad range of mixed signal and digital communication applications such as mobile radio and cellular base stations where automatic gain control (AGC) is required to increase system dynamic range. 

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LMH6521, LMH6522

Op Amp

OPA140 - 11MHz, Single Supply, Low Noise, Precision, Rail-to-Rail Output, JFET Amplifier

OPA140The OPA140 are a family of rail-to-rail output JFET-input operational amplifier with a low input bias current of 10pA (max). The OPA140 achieves 11MHz unity-gain bandwidth and 20V/µs slew rate while consuming only 1.8mA (typ) of quiescent current. It operates on a single 4.5 to 36V supply or dual ±2.25V to ±18V supplies. It is the high precision version of the already released OPAx141 while offering the same Vos drift performance as our competitor at a fraction of the cost.

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OPA2140, OPA4140

OPA320 - Precision, 20MHz, 0.9pA Ib, RRIO, CMOS Operational Amplifier

OPA320OPA320 is a new generation of precision, low-voltage CMOS operational amplifier optimized for low noise (7nV/rtHz) while operating on a low quiescent current of only 1.45mA. The OPA320 features a linear input stage with zero-crossover distortion that delivers excellent common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) of typically 114dB over the full input range. The input common-mode range extends 100mV beyond the negative and positive supply rails. The output voltage typically swings within 10mV of the rails. Operating over a wide supply voltage range from 1.8V to 5.5V with excellent PSRR (106dB) makes them suitable for precision, low-power applications that run directly from batteries without regulation.

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OPA835 - Ultra Low Power, Rail to Rail Out, Negative Rail In, VFB Amplifier

OPA835OPA835 is a rail-to-rail output, negative rail input voltage feedback amplifier with a unity gain bandwidth of 56MHz. OPA835's very low power consumption (250 µA) coupled with a power savings mode to reduce current to <1.5 µA, the device offers an attractive solution for high frequency amplifiers in battery powered applications. The OPA835 is designed to operate over a single supply range of 2.5 V to 5.5 V and dual supply range of ±1.25 V to ±2.75 V and is specified over the full extended temperature range of –40°C to +125°C. The OPA835 RUN package option includes integrated gain setting resistors for smallest possible footprint on a printed circuit board (≈ 2mm x 2mm). 

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OPA2835, OPA836, OPA2836

LMH6629 - Ultra-Low Noise, High-Speed Operational Amplifier with Shutdown

LMH6629The LMH6629 is a high-speed, ultra low-noise amplifier designed for applications requiring wide bandwidth with high gain and low noise such as in communication, test and measurement, optical and ultrasound systems.

The LMH6629 (LLP-8 package only) has user-selectable internal compensation for minimum gains of 4 or 10 controlled by pulling the COMP pin low or high, thereby avoiding the need for external compensation capacitors required in competitive devices. Compensation for the SOT23-5 package is internally set for a minimum stable gain of 10 V/V. The LLP-8 package also provides the power-down enable/ disable feature.

LM7301 - 4 MHz GBW, Rail-to-Rail Input-Output Operational Amplifier in TinyPak Package

LM7301 The LM7301 provides high performance in a wide range of applications. The LM7301 offers greater than rail-to-rail input range, full rail-to-rail output swing, large capacitive load driving ability and low distortion. 

With only 0.6 mA supply current, the 4 MHz gain-bandwidth of this device supports new portable applications where higher power devices unacceptably drain battery life.

Assoicated Products
LM7321, LM7341, LMP7731

LM6142/LM6144 - 17 MHz Rail-to-Rail Input-Output Operational Amplifiers

LM6142/LM6144The LM6142/LM6144 provides levels of performance in applications where low voltage supplies or power limitations previously made compromise necessary. Operating on supplies of 1.8V to over 24V. These Op Amps are an excellent choice for battery operated systems, portable instrumentation and others.

Assoicated Products
LM6152, LMH6643

LMP7721 - 3 Femtoampere Input Bias Current Precision Amplifier

LMP7721The LMP7721 is the industry’s lowest guaranteed input bias current precision amplifier. The ultra low input bias current is 3 fA, with a guaranteed limit of ±20 fA at 25°C and ±900 fA at 85°C. This is achieved with the latest patent pending technology of input bias current cancellation amplifier circuitry. This technology also maintains the ultra low input bias current over the entire input common mode voltage range of the amplifier.


LMV7219 - 7 nsec, 2.7V to 5V Comparator with Rail-to-Rail Output

LMV7219The LMV7219 is a low-power, high-speed comparator with internal hysteresis. The LMV7219 operating voltage ranges from 2.7V to 5V with push/pull rail-to-rail output. This device achieves a 7ns propagation delay while consuming only 1.1mA of supply current at 5V.

LMV7235/9 - 75 nsec, Ultra Low Pwr, Low Voltage, Rail-toRail Input Comparator w/ Open-Drain/Push-Pull Output

LMV7235/9The LMV7235/LMV7239/LMV7239Q are ultra low power, low voltage, 75 nsec comparators. They are guaranteed to operate over the full supply voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V. These devices achieve a 75 nsec propagation delay while consuming only 65µA ofsupply current at 5V.

The LMV7235/LMV7239/LMV7239Q have a greater than rail-to-rail common mode voltage range. The input common mode voltage range extends 200mV below ground and 200mV above supply, allowing both ground and supply sensing.

TLV3011/2 - Low Power Open Drain Output Comparator with Voltage Reference

TLV3011/2The TLV3011 is a low-power, open-drain output comparator;the TLV3012 is a push-pull output comparator. Both feature an uncommitted on-chip voltage reference. Both have 5µA (max) quiescent current, input common-mode range 200mV beyond the supply rails, and single-supply operation from 1.8V to 5.5V. The integrated 1.242V series voltage reference offers low 100ppm/°C (max) drift, is stable with up to 10nF capacitive load, and can provide up to 0.5mA (typ) of output current.

The TLV3011 and TLV3012 are available in the tiny SOT23-6 package for the most space-conservative designs. It is also available in the SC70 package for even greater board area savings. Both versions are specified for the temperature range of –40°C to +125°C.

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TLV3401/2/4 – Single/Dual/Quad Nanopower Open Drain Output Comparators

TLV3401/2/4The TLV340x is Texas Instruments' first family of nanopower comparators with only 470 nA per channel supply current, which make this device ideal for battery power and wireless handset applications. 

The TLV340x has a minimum operating supply voltage of 2.7 V over the extended industrial temperature range (TA = -40°C to 125°C), while having an input common-mode range of -0.1 to VCC + 5 V. The low supply current makes it an ideal choice for battery powered portable applications where quiescent current is the primary concern. Reverse battery protection guards the amplifier from an over-current condition due to improper battery installation. For harsh environments, the inputs can be taken 5 V above the positive supply rail without damage to the device.

TLV3501/2 - 4.5ns Rail-to-Rail, High Speed Comparator in Microsized Packages

TLV3501/2The TLV350x family of push-pull output comparators feature a fast 4.5ns propagation delay and operation from +2.7V to +5.5V. Beyond-the-rails input common-mode range makes it an ideal choice for low-voltage applications. The rail-to-rail output directly drives either CMOS or TTL logic.

Microsize packages provide options for portable and space-restricted applications. The single (TLV3501) is available in SOT23-6 and SO-8 packages. The dual (TLV3502) comes in the SOT23-8 and SO-8 packages.


INA118 - Precision, Low Power Instrumentation Amplifier

INA118The INA118 is a low power, general purpose instrumentation amplifier offering excellent accuracy. Its versatile 3-op amp design and small size make it ideal for a wide range of applications. Current-feedback input circuitry provides wide bandwidth even at high gain (70kHz at G = 100).

Associated Products
INA114, INA115

INA333 - Low Power, Precision Instrumentation Amplifier

INA333The INA333 is the industry’s lowest power zero-drift instrumentation amplifier. Featuring 75µA quiescent current, 25µV offset voltage, 1.8V operation and an impressive power-to-noise ratio, the INA333 improves accuracy and stability while extending battery life in portable medical, handheld instrumentation, weigh scales and data acquisition applications.

Associated Products
INA118, INA321, INA326

INA159 - High-Speed, Precision Gain of 0.2 Level Translation Difference Amplifier

INA159The INA159 is a high slew rate, G = 1/5 difference amplifier consisting of a precision op amp with a precision resistor network. The gain of 1/5 makes the INA159 useful to couple ±10V signals to single-supply analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), particularly those operating on a single +5V supply. The on-chip resistors are laser-trimmed for accurate gain and high common-mode rejection.

INA149 - High Common Mode Voltage Difference Amplifier

INA149The INA149 is a precision unity-gain difference amplifier with a very high input common-mode voltage range. It is a single, monolithic device that consists of a precision op amp and an integrated thin-film resistor network. The INA149 can accurately measure small differential voltages in the presence of common-mode signals up to ±275 V. The INA149 inputs are protected from momentary common-mode or differential overloads of up to 500 V.

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PGA280 - Zero Drift, HV Programmable Gain Amplifier

PGA280 The PGA280 is a Universal high voltage programmable gain amplifier with digital gain control. Its unique input gain range from 1/8 V/V (attenuation ) to 128V/V acts as a “universal input voltage range” with the ability to input signals from over +/-10V down to a few mV. It offers excellent DC precision and long term stability using zero drift topology with internal filters to minimize chopper related noise and the Low 1/f noise will enhance the high resolution and sensitivity of 24 bit ADCs. The PGA280 also features a signal multiplexor connecting two channels with several switches that allows input signal diagnostics such as wire breakage and input dissconnect. And with a supply voltage of up to +/-18V, the PGA280 offers a wide common-mode range with high input impedance that can maintain signal accuracy with unknown source resistance and variations.

Associated Products
PGA204, PGA206

Current Shunt

INA199A1 - Voltage Output, High or Low Side Measurement, Bi-Directional Zero-Drift Series

INA199A1The INA199A1 is a bi-directional, zero drift solution for current shunt monitoring. The integrated gain of 50V/V eliminates expensive and complicated external circuitry, delivering a cost effective solution that delivers 150µV offset error(max) and 1.5% gain error (max) over temperature. The INA199A1 comes in a 1.8mm x 1.4mm x 0.5mm QFN package.

Associated Products
INA199A2, INA199A3

INA223 - Voltage Output, High or Low Side Measurement, Bi-Directional Zero-Drift Series

INA223The INA223 has an analog output and is easily configurable via I2C to monitor and calculate instantaneous power, voltage and current using single ADC, eliminating the need for multiple chips, fixing the current shunt gain, and/or scaling circuit to monitor the power supply voltage. Its I2C interface not only simplifies the design process, but also allows for new capabilities such as dynamically scaling the gain for higher accuracy across a wide dynamic range. Thus maximizing accuracy at both high current and low current states. Available in 2.5mm x 2.5mm no lead plastic quad flatpack.

INA216A1 - Tiny, Low Power Current Sense Amplifier for High Side Sensing

INA216A1The INA216 is a high-side voltage output current shunt monitor that can sense drops across shunts at common-mode voltages from +1.8V to +5.5V. It provides exceptional performance in a tiny package. The offset voltage, offset drift, gain error, and gain drift combine to add very little overall error when using a 10mV full scale input. For the customer this means that they can use a small shunt resistor to reduce BOM cost and system power loss while maintaining the accuracy they need for their system. In addition, the 4 ball arrangement and internal precision gain resistors simply system design.

Associated Products
INA216A2, INA216A3, INA216A4

INA230 - Bidirectional Current/Power Monitor with I2C™ Interface

INA230INA230 is a current-shunt and power monitor with an I2C interface that features 16 programmable addresses. The INA230 monitors both shunt voltage drops and bus supply voltage. Programmable calibration value, conversion times, and averaging, combined with an internal multiplier, enable direct readouts of current in amperes and power in watts. The INA230 senses current on buses that vary from 0 V to +28 V, with the device powered from a single +2.7 V to +5.5 V supply, drawing 330 µA (typical) of supply current. The INA230 is specified over the operating temperature range of –40°C to +125°C.

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INA282 - High-Accuracy, Wide CM Range, Bi-Dir CURRENT SHUNT MONITOR Zero-Drift Current Shunt Monitor

INA282The INA282 is a bi-directional current shunt monitor with wide common mode of voltage -14 to +80V and common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) of 120dB. The INA282 achieves the highest accuracy, high voltage solution in the market with voltage offset of 20µV (typ), offset drift of 1µV/°C (max) and gain error of 1.4%(max) and saves system power by allowing smaller shunt resistors. Available in an 8-pin SOIC package.

Associated Products
INA283, INA284, INA285, INA286

INA210 - Voltage Output, High/Low-Side Measurement, Bi-Directional Zero-Drift Series Current Shunt Monitor

INA210The INA210 offers the best combination of accuracy, size, power consumption and cost. The device delivers a 1% gain error (max over temperature) with 200V/V gain while consuming only 100µA (max) of current in a SC70 package.

Associated Products
INA211, INA212, INA213, INA214

LMP8601 - 60V Common Mode, Bidirectional Precision Current Sensing Amplifier

LMP8601The LMP8601 is a fixed 20x gain precision amplifiers. The part will amplify and filter small differential signals in the presence of high common mode voltages. The part has a precise gain of 20x which is adequate in most targeted applications to drive an ADC to its full scale value. The fixed gain is achieved in two separate stages, a preamplifier with a gain of 10x and an output stage buffer amplifier with a gain of 2x. The connection between the two stages of the signal path is brought out on two pins to enable the possibility to create an additional filter network around the output buffer amplifier.

Associated Products
LMP8602, LMP8603, LMP8645

LMP8646 - Precision Current Limiter

LMP8646The LMP8646 is a current shunt amplifier is designed to boost the current limiting accuracy of low cost regulator, providing circuit protection from inrush, transient, and short circuit conditions. The LMP8646 can also be used to transform a low cost regulator into a precision constant current source for applications such as supercap charging.


THS7360 - 6-Channel Video Amplifier with 3-SD and 3-SD/ED/HD/Full-HD Filters and High Gain

THS7360THS7360 is 6 channel video amplifier with selectable filters on three channels, allowing customers to move between purely SDTV platforms to SDTV/HDTV platforms to SDTV/EDTV/HDTV/Full HDTV (1080p60) platforms with a simple software change. This flexibility means that one hardware solution can be developed to support a variety of models with varying feature sets. Includes selectable 13 dB or 15dB gain and GPIO control.

Associated Products
THS7368, THS7364, THS7365

THS7316 - 3-Channel HDTV Video Amplifier with 5th Order Filters and 6dB Gain

THS7316The THS7314 and THS7316 are triple channel SDTV and HDTV amplifiers with 3V to 5V power supply eliminating the need for separate 5V supply and easily interfacing with commonly used DACs with 3.3V supplies. The THS7314 includes an SDTV video filter, while the THS7316 includes an HDTV video filter. Flexible input and output configurations combined with a low cost make the THS7314/16 an excellent choice for consumer applications such as set top box output video buffering, PVR, DVR, DVDR, video surveillance, baby monitors etc.

Associated Products
THS7314, THS7315, THS7316, THS7318, THS7319

THS7303 - 3-Ch Low Power Video Amp w/I2C Control, Select Filters +6db Gain 2:1 Input MUX

THS7303The THS7303 is a 3-Channel low power video amplifier with I2C control. Each channel of the THS7303 is individually I2C configurable for all functions thus it eliminates the troublesome GPIO control that existing solutions require and makes it flexible for any application.

Associated Products
THS7313, THS7353

LMH6321 - 300 mA High Speed Buffer with Adjustable Current Limit

LMH6321The LMH6321 is a high speed unity gain buffer that features a continuously adjustable current limit from 10mA to 300mA with ±5 mA ±5% accuracy. It can drive ±300mA continuously and will not oscillate while driving large capacitive loads.

LMH6559 - 650 MHz Selectable Gain Buffer with Disable

LMH6559The LMH6559 is a high-speed, closed-loop buffer with wide bandwidth designed for applications requiring the processing of very high frequency signals.  It also offers a high slew rate of 4580V/us and a high output of 10mA resulting in a high output current drive capability at a fast rate.


LMH6704The LM6704 is a very wideband, DC coupled selectable gain buffer designed specifically for wide dynamic range systems requiring exceptional signal fidelity.  With a differential gain of 0.02% and a differential phase of 0.02° it can drive multiple video loads at low levels of distortion.

LMH6739 - Very Wideband, Low Distortion Triple Video Amplifier

LMH6739LMH6739 is a very wideband, low distortion triple video buffer with current feedback architecture that offers a wide gain range of ±1 to ±10 while providing stable operation without external compensation at unity gain. These features combine making it ideal for driving wide dynamic range systems requiring exceptional signal fidelity.

Variable Gain

THS7001 - 70-MHz High-Speed Programmable-Gain Amplifier

THS7001The THS7001 (single) is a high-speed programmable-gain amplifiers, ideal for applications where load impedance can often vary. Each channel on this device consists of a separate low-noise input preamp and a programmable gain amplifier (PGA). The preamp is a voltage-feedback amplifier offering a low 1.7-nV/Hz voltage noise with a 100-MHz (-3 dB) bandwidth. The output pin of the preamp is accessible so that filters can be easily added to the amplifier.

Associated Products

LMH6514 - 600 MHz, Digital Controlled, Variable Gain Amplifier

LMH6514The LMH6514 is a high performance, digitally controlled variable gain amplifier (DVGA). It combines precision gain control with a low noise, ultra-linear, differential amplifier. Typically, the LMH6514 drives a high performance ADC in a broad range of mixed signal and digital communication applications such as mobile radio and cellular base stations where automatic gain control (AGC) is required to increase system dynamic range. When used in conjunction with a high speed ADC, system dynamic range can be extended by up to 42 dB.

Associated Products

PGA870 - High-Speed Fully Differential Programmable Gain Amplifier

PGA870The PGA870 is a low distortion, wide gain range, 14-bit Digital Variable Gain Amplifier (DVGA) which provides 16 percent less distortion and 2x faster gain switching time for Wireless Infrastructure, Test & Measurement, and Military Communications applications. Low Impedance, voltage-mode output provides improved gain flatness in the pass band and eliminates the need for output inductors, thereby lowering BOM costs.

VCA8617 - 8-Channel Variable Gain Amplifier

VCA8617The VCA8617 is an 8-channel variable gain amplifier ideally suited to portable ultrasound applications. Excellent dynamic performance enables use in low-power, high-performance portable applications. Each channel consists of a 20dB gain Low-Noise pre-Amplifier (LNA) and a Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA). The differential outputs of the LNA can be switched through the 8x10 cross-point switch, which is programmable through the serial interface input port.

VCA2611 - Dual, Variable Gain Amplifier with Low-Noise Preamp

VCA2611The VCA2611 is a dual, Low-Noise Preamplifiers (LNP), plus low-noise Variable Gain Amplifier(VGA). The LNP has differential input and output capability and is strappable for gains of 5dB, 17dB, 22dB, or 25dB. Low input impedance is achieved by AT, resulting in as much as a 4.6dB improvement in noise figure over conventional shunt termination. The termination value can also be switched to accommodate different sources. The output of the LNP is available for external signal processing.

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