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Spring Type Terminal Blocks

5.0 mm and 5.08 mm spring type side wire entry terminal blocks from TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is pleased to present 5.0 mm and 5.08 mm Spring Type Side Wire Entry Terminal Blocks. This new range of spring type plugs provides a quick and easy way for installers in the field to mate wires without the use of special tools. TE’s comprehensive solutions, including left-and right-hand spring type plugs, clamp wires in quickly and save both time and labor for a multitude of control and power wiring applications. Furthermore, multiple wire access angles offer space savings as they allow additional configurations and provide flexibility in the design of board layouts in tight spaces.

  • Wire-to-board applications requiring field wiring termination
  • Applications subject to certain types of vibration
  • HVAC controls
  • Industrial controls: control and power wiring
TE Connectivity's Spring Type Terminal Blocks

  • Superior wire retention in high vibration applications allows for improved performance
  • Quick service or changeover results provide sustainable advantage and labor cost savings
  • Modular housing design allows for flexibility in number of positions and color to meet unique design requirements
  • Modular blocks supply the main block and end plate offers customization to specific size requirements
  • Flexibility allows for standardization of inventory
  • Custom marking and printing available permitting fail-safe installation and service
  • Automated process capable in temperatures up to 270°C
  • Quality assured due to 100% visual inspection

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
5 mm Terminal Blocks
A104554-ND 1986711-2 CONN 5MM TERMINAL BLOCK 2POS Datasheet
A104562-ND 1-1986711-0 CONN 5MM TERMINAL BLOCK 10POS
A104564-ND 1-1986711-2 CONN 5MM TERMINAL BLOCK 12POS
A104573-ND 2-1986711-1 CONN 5MM TERMINAL BLOCK 21POS
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5.08 mm Terminal Blocks
A104578-ND 1986712-2 CONN 5.08MM TERMINAL BLOCK 2POS Datasheet
A104579-ND 1986712-3 CONN 5.08MM TERMINAL BLOCK 3POS
A104586-ND 1-1986712-0 CONN 5.08MM TERMINAL BLOCK 10POS
A104588-ND 1-1986712-2 CONN 5.08MM TERMINAL BLOCK 12POS
A104597-ND 2-1986712-1 CONN 5.08MM TERMINAL BLOCK 21POS
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