TE Connectivity - High Speed Pluggables

Pluggable I/O interfaces offer significant advantages as a high-speed I/O interconnect. Along with a standard equipment I/O interface and the flexibility of pluggable modules, TE’s High-Speed Pluggable I/O products include options for fiber and copper links, as well as various data rates and protocols.

TE Connectivity has always been a leader in the development of pluggable I/O standards. TE Connectivity continues to be engaged in new pluggable interface standards to support the rapidly changing market needs for higher bandwidth, and remains an industry leader with the technical expertise required to deliver superior designs for signal integrity and EMI at higher data rates.

zSFP+ Interconnect

TE Connectivity's zSFP+ pluggable I/O interconnect was designed to quickly and easily upgrade SFP/SFP+ connectors from current 10-16 Gbps speeds to future 28 Gbps speeds. The product is backwards-compatible to SFP+ products in footprint, mating interface, and cage dimensions to allow for easy drop-in replacement within current communication systems.

For newer equipment designs, the zSFP+ interconnect can support either 10 Gbps Ethernet or 16 Fibre Channel Gbps data rates, while accommodating a long-term upgrade path for 28 or potentially 40 Gbps performance. This equates to long-term cost savings as the product eliminates the need to fully redesign or reinstall communication equipment for higher performance.

The zSFP+ interconnect is compliant to SFF-8402 and has been adopted for Fibre Channel 32 G (28.05 Gbps line rate). The entire product family is offered as a dual-source option with Molex Incorporated.

Key Features   Applications
  • Surface-mount connector design
  • Press-fit cages for one-step, easy PCB placement
  • Coupled, narrow-edged, blanked-, and formed-contact geometry and insert molding for superior signal integrity, mechanical, and electrical performance
  • Backwards compatibility: Shares same PCB footprint, mating interface, and cage dimensions with the SFP+ connector
  • EMI containment offered in either elastomeric gasket or spring finger options
  • Single-port high cages (1 x N) for design flexibility/accommodates belly-to-belly applications to increase density while saving PCB space
  • Offers stacked cages in 2 x 1, 2 x 2, 2 x 4, 2 x 6, 2 x 8, 2 x 10, and 2 x 12 port configurations
  • heatsinks, LEDs, and plating choices offered for various design specifications
  • Telecommunications
  • Data center
  • Medical
  • Networking
  • Test and measurement equipment
Digi-Key P/N TE P/N Description Order Online
A116142TR-ND 2170088-1 CONN ZSFP+ 20CKT 30U Buy Now
A116144-ND 2198318-2 ZSFP+ STACKED 2X1 W/4 LP GASKET Buy Now
A116145-ND 2198318-6 ZSFP+ STACKED 2X1 W/4 LP SPRING Buy Now
A116146-ND 2180324-2 ZSFP+ STACKED 2X4 W/4 LP GASKET Buy Now
A116147-ND 2180324-6 ZSFP+ STACKED 2X4 W/4 LP SPRING Buy Now
A116148-ND 2198339-2 ZSFP+ STACKED 2X6 W/4 LP GASKET Buy Now
A116149-ND 2198339-6 ZSFP+ STACKED 2X6 W/4 LP SPRING Buy Now

z-Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus (zQSFP+) Interconnect System

TE’s zQSFP+ (z-Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) connector and cage assembly has been designed for applications in the telecommunications, data center and networking markets that require a high-speed, high-density connector. The interconnect offers four channels of high-speed differential signals with data rates ranging from 25 Gbps up to potentially 40 Gbps, and will support 100 Gbps (4 x 25 Gbps) Ethernet and 100 Gbps 4X InfiniBand Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) requirements.

Key Features   Applications
  • Backwards-compatible with QSFP optical modules and cable assemblies
  • Enhanced EMI cage helps provide excellent thermal performance/EMI protection
  • 1 x 1 single port/1 x 3 ganged cages with heat sink and light-pipe options
  • Coupled, narrow-edged, blanked- and formed-contact geometry/insert molding
  • Staggered press-fit pins for belly-to-belly applications
  • High-temperature, thermoplastic housing
  • Telecommunications: Servers, switches, access routers and switches, and cellular infrastructure
  • Data Center: Servers and storage
  • Medical: Diagnostic equipment
  • Networking: Network interface, routers, switches and storage
  • Test and measurement equipment
Digi-Key P/N TE P/N Description Order Online
A104673-ND 1551920-2 zQSFP+ connector assembly Buy Now
A104671-ND 1551891-1 zQSFP+ 1x1 cage assembly behind bezel Buy Now
A104674-ND 2173238-1 zQSFP+ 1x3 cage assembly behind bezel Buy Now
A104672-ND 1551892-1 zQSFP+ 1x1 cage assembly behind bezel with heat sink Buy Now
A104675-ND 2173239-1 zQSFP+ 1x3 cage assembly behind bezel with heat sink Buy Now

QSFP (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable)

The Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) interconnect system from TE Connectivity (TE) is a four-channel package, offering three times the density of traditional SFP ports and supports speeds up to 10 Gb/s per channel (suitable for 8 G Fibre Channel and 10 G Ethernet). The system is ideal for switches, routers, and host bus adapters (HBA's) where bandwidth is essential. Our QSFP family includes cages, connectors, and copper and optical cable assemblies for a complete solution, developed within the QSFP MSA (Multi-Source Agreement).

Cages feature enhanced EMI springs that have been proven in our SFP product to effectively contain EMI between both cage-to-bezel and cage-to-module interfaces. Cages are available with options for riding heat sinks (similar to XFP) and lightpipes. Ganged (multi-port) cages are available for additional density gains. All cages use press-fit technology for board termination and can be used in belly-to-belly (double-sided) applications. An XFP-style gasket is also supported to maintain the cage opening behind the bezel. All QSFP cages will accept copper cables, optical cables, and transceiver modules.

Key Features   Applications
  • 4x solution featuring THE TE 38 position EVERCLEAR (Mini-SAS) connector
  • Lightpipe and heatsink options available
  • Through-bezel and behind-bezel cage options with proven EMI containment
  • Direct attach copper cables for short-reach applications
  • Quick-release latching system
  • MPO connectors plug into QSFP parallel optic transceiver modules
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Host bus adapters (HBAs)
  • Enterprise storage
  • High-performance computing
  • High-density, high-speed I/O
  • Multiple channel interconnects
Digi-Key P/N TE P/N Description Order Online
A98559TR-ND 1761987-9 CONN RCPT 38POS QSFP 30GOLD SMD Buy Now
A98559CT-ND Buy Now
A98560-ND 1888617-1 CONN CAGE THRU-BEZEL QSFP Buy Now
A98562-ND 1888631-1 CONN CAGE+ PCI HSINK THRU QSFP Buy Now
A98563-ND 1888631-2 CONN CAGE+ SAN HSINK THRU QSFP Buy Now
A97542-ND 1888810-2 DUST CAP FOR XFP AND QSFP Buy Now

Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP)

SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) I/O products support the hot swap of various fiber optic and copper-based transceivers and cable assemblies into host equipment. SFP products provide a shielded port for Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand switches, hubs and host bus adapters. Designs are based on the industry-standard SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), of which TE Connectivity (TE) was a founding member.

TE offers SFP cages in single- and multi-port designs for added density. Chassis grounds are achieved through EMI springs at the bezel interface and ensure EMI containment. The SFP board-mount connector is a 20 position interface, with surface-mount termination or press-fit when integrated into a one-piece cage/connector assembly.

Other options include integrated lightpipes for port indicators and riding heatsinks for improved thermal management.

Key Features   Applications
  • Supports applications up to 4 Gb/s
  • Cages available in single port, ganged, and stacked configurations
  • Stacked cages have integrated connectors, press-fit in one process step
  • Uses 20 position PT (Pluggable Transceiver) connector
  • Direct-attach copper cable assemblies for lower cost with short reach
  • Integrated lightpipes for port indicators
  • Enhanced EMI springs for increased EMI suppression
  • Riding heat sink technology for thermal management
  • RoHS compliant
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Hubs
  • Storage
  • Controllers
  • Network Interface Cards (NICs)
Digi-Key P/N TE P/N Description Order Online
A97413-ND 6367035-1 CONN SFP UPPER CAGE PCB Buy Now
A97416-ND 1367629-1 CONN SFP CAGE SINGLE PF W/PIPE Buy Now
A97417-ND 1761014-1 CONN SFP CAGE 1X2 PRESS FIT Buy Now
A97418-ND 1658744-1 CONN SFP CAGE 1X4 PRESS FIT Buy Now
A97419-ND 1761015-1 CONN SFP CAGE 1X6 PRESS FIT Buy Now
A97420-ND 1761007-1 CONN SFP CAGE 1X2 W/LIGHT PIPE Buy Now
A97421-ND 1761008-1 CONN SFP CAGE 1X4 W/LIGHT PIPE Buy Now
A97422-ND 1658939-1 CONN SFP CAGE 1X6 W/LIGHT PIPE Buy Now
A97423-ND 1658391-1 CONN SFP CAGE 2X1 PRESS FIT Buy Now
A97424-ND 1658390-1 CONN SFP CAGE 2X4 PRESS FIT Buy Now
A97425-ND 1761327-1 CONN SFP CAGE 2X6 PRESS FIT Buy Now
A97426-ND 1658628-1 CONN SFP CAGE 2X1 PRESS FIT L-P Buy Now
A97427-ND 1658629-1 CONN SFP CAGE 2X4 PRESS FIT L-P Buy Now
A97428-ND 1658894-1 CONN SFP CAGE 2X6 PRESS FIT L-P Buy Now
A97429-ND 1658758-1 CONN SFP CAGE 2X4 PF W/PIPE Buy Now
A97430TR-ND 1367073-1 CONN PT USE W/SFP CAGES 15AU Buy Now
A97430CT-ND Buy Now
A97431TR-ND 1367073-2 CONN PT USE W/SFP CAGES 30AU Buy Now
A97431CT-ND Buy Now
A97412TR-ND 6367034-1 CONN SFP LOWER CAGE PCB Buy Now
A97412CT-ND Buy Now
A97432-ND 1367147-1 DUST COVER SFP Buy Now

SFP+ (Small Form-factor Pluggable)

The TE Connectivity (TE) SFP+ product family extends the use of the Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) interconnect up to 10 Gbps. This system meets the performance requirements of SFF (Small Form-factor) specification SFF-8431 and supports 8 G Fiber Channel, 10G Ethernet, InfiniBand™ standard and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) applications. The SFP+ product family includes cable assemblies, cages and connectors.

Our SFP+ direct-attach copper cable assemblies provide a cost-effective solution over fiber optics in short reach applications. The design allows for serial data transmission up to 10 Gbps in each direction. The mechanical design of the cable braid crimp and EMI skirt suppress EMI radiation. Low power consumption helps make the SFP+ copper cable assembly an economical solution for within rack or rack-to-rack applications. Both passive and active copper cable assemblies are available.

The passive cable assembly design has no signal amplification in the cable assembly. Electronic Dispersion Compensation (EDC) is typically used on host board designs when passive SFP+ copper assemblies are utilized. EDC allows for an extended length of passive cable assemblies. The industry-standard EEPROM signature enables the host system to differentiate between a passive copper cable and a fiber optic module.

The active cable assembly design has signal amplification and equalization in the assembly. Active copper assemblies are typically used in host systems that do not employ EDC. Active SFP+ cable assemblies also incorporate Rx LOS and Tx Disable features. As with passive cables, the industry-standard EEPROM signature enables the host system to differentiate between an active copper cable and a fiber optic module.

Key Features   Applications
  • MSA SFF-8431
  • Supports serial data rates up to 10 Gbps
  • Low-cost alternative to fiber optic assemblies
  • Low power consumption
  • Enhanced EMI suppression
  • 24 AWG through 30 AWG cable available
  • Pull-to-release retractable pin latch design
  • Switches
  • Networking: servers, routers and hubs
  • Enterprise storage
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Network Interface Cards (NIC's)
EEPROM is a trademark of NEC Electronics Corporation.
InfiniBand™ is a trademark of INFINIBAND Trade Association.
Digi-Key P/N TE P/N Description Order Online
A107733-ND 2007637-5 CONN ASSY 4 PORTS Buy Now
A115875-ND 2007562-6 CONN STACKED SFP+ 2X6 Buy Now
A115019-ND 2007464-1 CONN CAGE&HEAT SINK SGL PORT Buy Now
A107812-ND 2007399-5 CONN ASSY 8 PORTS Buy Now
A97943TR-ND 1888247-1 CONN PT USE W/SFP+ CAGE 30AU SMD Buy Now
A97943CT-ND Buy Now
A97944TR-ND 1888247-2 CONN PT USE W/SFP+ CAGE 15AU SMD Buy Now
A97944CT-ND Buy Now
A97931-ND 2007169-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X6 W/LGHT GASKET Buy Now
A97930-ND 2007170-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X6 EMI GASKET Buy Now
A97936-ND 2007193-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE SGL PCI SPRINGS Buy Now
A97929-ND 2007093-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X4 W/ LIGHTPIPES Buy Now
A97939-ND 2007132-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X4 SPRINGS Buy Now
A97928-ND 2007135-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X4 EMI GASKET Buy Now
A97940-ND 2007178-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X4 W/LIGHT SPRNG Buy Now
A97927-ND 2007180-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X2 W/ LIGHTPIPES Buy Now
A97926-ND 2007181-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X2 EMI GASKET Buy Now
A97934-ND 2007198-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE SGL SPRINGS Buy Now
A97933-ND 2007215-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE SGL PCI 1 DEG Buy Now
A97942-ND 2007250-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X6 W/LIGHT SPRNG Buy Now
A97941-ND 2007251-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X6 SPRINGS Buy Now
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A97938-ND 2007262-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X2 W/LIGHT SPRNG Buy Now
A97937-ND 2007263-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE 1X2 SPRINGS Buy Now
A97932-ND 2007194-1 CONN SFP+ CAGE SGL PCI SPRINGS Buy Now

XFP 10 Gigabit Serial Pluggable Products

TE Connectivity (TE) led in the mechanical design within the XFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA). The MSA specifies the mechanical and electrical requirements for the pluggable modules, cage hardware, thermal heatsinks and PCB connector. This technology converts serial electrical signals to external serial optical or electrical signals and is intended to be flexible enough to support OC192/STM-64, 10x Fibre Channel, G.709, and 10 G Ethernet.

XFP is a cage/connector/module system that features gasketing for excellent EMI containment, a riding heatsink for thermal dissipation, an intuitive latching system, and a 30 position SMT connector based on the SFP connector design. TE also offers copper cable assemblies that plug directly into an XFP port for lower cost short-reach applications.

Key Features   Applications
  • 10 Gb/s serial link
  • EMI containment features
  • Module to XFP Cage
  • XFP Cage to Chassis
  • Uses 30 pin surface mount connector
  • Patented riding heat sink for thermal management
  • Press-fit cage termination
  • Designed to support belly-to-belly applications
  • Ethernet
  • Fibre channel
Digi-Key P/N TE P/N Description Order Online
A97460TR-ND 788862-1 CONN XFP 30POS 15GOLD SMD Buy Now
A97460CT-ND Buy Now
A97461-ND 1489951-1 CONN CAGE XFP PRESS-FIT Buy Now
A97464TR-ND 788862-2 CONN XFP 30POS 30GOLD SMD Buy Now
A97464CT-ND Buy Now
A97465TR-ND 1367500-1 CONN XFP 30POS HI-SPEED 30AU SMD Buy Now
A97465CT-ND Buy Now
A97467-ND 1542706-2 HEAT SINK XFP NETWORK APPS Buy Now

CFP Compliant Ethernet Connectors & Components

TE Connectivity is the lead developer of the connectors and mechanical components for the CFP MSA (Multi Source Agreement), a new high-speed pluggable I/O interface. This interconnect system supports 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s, as required by the IEEE 802.3ba specification as well as other developing telecom protocols. The CFP connector features multiple channels, each supporting 10 Gb/s with electrical performance surpassing that of existing 10 Gb/s interfaces.

The connector interface is a two piece solution consisting of a plug connector which is integrated by optical transceiver suppliers, and a host board receptacle connector. The additional host board components include the receptacle cover, guide rails, external bracket assembly, backer plate and riding heat sink to provide a complete solution. The integrated system provides the mechanical, EMI and thermal performance necessary to support the demanding requirements of the CFP MSA Optical Transceivers and OEM host line cards.

Key Features   Applications
  • 148-position interconnect
  • Supports 10 Gb/s per channel
  • Designed for belly-to-belly port positioning
  • Accepts all CFP MSA-compliant optical transceivers
  • Excellent EMI shielding
  • RoHS compliant
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Optical Transport equipment
  • Long Haul, Metro and MultiService Provisioning Platform
Digi-Key P/N TE P/N Description Order Online
A100186-ND 2057629-1 CONN CFP MODULE ASSY 100GIG Buy Now
A100187-ND 2057592-2 CONN CFP GUIDE RAIL Buy Now
A100188-ND 2057631-1 CONN CFP CONNECTOR COVER Buy Now
A100189-ND 2057930-1 CONN CFP BACKER PLATE 100GIG Buy Now
A100339-ND 1963856-1 HEATSINK CFP RIDING Buy Now

CXP Connector and Cage Assemblies

TE Connectivity's CXP connector and cage assembly offers twelve channels of 10 Gbps data rates for 120 Gbps of total bandwidth in a one-piece press-fit assembly. TE's CXP system complies with InfiniBand CXP 12x QDR and IEEE 100 Gbps Ethernet standards and enables pluggable copper or optical cable options. The system has been engineered for applications in high-speed data environments with EMI gasketing at bezel opening and EMI springs for plug-to receptacle containment. It provides one-step placement to the host board and comes with multiple heatsink, lightpipe and EMI/dust plug options. Enhanced EF, dual sourced footprint offers reduced cross-talk and improved electrical performance.

TE also offers a complement of fiber optic cable assemblies with CXP fiber paths to interconnect CXP transceivers to CXP, QSFP+ and SFP+ transceivers. All are available with OM2 and OM3 fiber as a standard offering, with OM4 being available upon request.

Key Features   Applications
  • Standard CXP interface complies with InfiniBand CXP 12x QDR and IEEE 100 Gbps Ethernet
  • Provides 12 channels of 10 Gbps data rates for 120Gbps of total bandwidth in a one-piece press-fit assembly
  • Dual-sourced, Enhanced Footprint (EF) offers reduced cross-talk
  • Pre-assembled (one-piece) connector and cage assembly offers one-step placement to the board
  • EMI gasketing at bezel opening and EMI springs for plug-to-receptacle containment
  • CXP cages accommodate belly-to-belly mounting (can be applied to both sides of the board)
  • Offering includes multiple heatsink, lightpipe and EMI/dust plug options to fit customer applications
  • Controller Cards and servers
  • Network switches
  • Routers
  • Storage devices
  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
  • Storage Attached Networks (SAN)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Digi-Key P/N TE P/N Description Order Online
A103957-ND 2149448-1 CONN RCPT W/CAGE CXP 84POS Buy Now
A103949-ND 2149152-1 CONN RCPT CXP 84POS R/A Buy Now
A103950-ND 2149157-1 CONN RCPT CXP 84POS W/HEAT SINK Buy Now
A103951-ND 2149157-3 CONN RCPT CXP 84POS W/HEAT SINK Buy Now
A103952-ND 2149157-5 CONN RCPT CXP 84POS W/HEAT SINK Buy Now
A103953-ND 2149159-1 CONN RCPT CXP 84POS W/LT PIPE Buy Now
A103954-ND 2149159-3 CONN RCPT CXP 84POS W/LT PIPE Buy Now
A103955-ND 2149159-5 CONN RCPT CXP 84POS W/LT PIPE Buy Now
A103956-ND 2149159-7 CONN RCPT CXP 84POS W/LT PIPE Buy Now
A103958-ND 2149699-1 CONN RCPT W/CAGE CXP 84POS R/A Buy Now
A103959-ND 2149701-1 CONN RCPT W/CAGE CXP 84POS R/A Buy Now
A103960-ND 2149731-1 CONN RCPT W/CAGE CXP 84POS R/A Buy Now
A103961-ND 2149733-1 CONN RCPT W/CAGE CXP 84POS R/A Buy Now

TE Connectivity and TE connectivity (logo) are trademarks.

*zSFP+ and zQSFP+ are trademarks of Molex Incorporated.

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