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Metal Hybrid PPTC (MHP) Devices

TE Connectivity introduces resettable circuit protection for
high-rate-discharge Li-ion battery applications

TE Connectivity introduces a Metal Hybrid PPTC (MHP) technology useful in high-rate-discharge lithium ion (Li-ion) battery applications such as cordless power tools, e-bikes, and back-up power supplies.

The rapidly expanding market has created the need for cost-effective circuit protection devices capable of providing 30 A+ hold currents at voltage ratings over 30 VDC. To meet this need, a new hybrid device has been developed that connects a bimetal protector in parallel with a PPTC (polymeric positive temperature coefficient) device. The resulting Metal Hybrid PPTC (MHP) device helps provide resettable overcurrent protection while also utilizing the low resistance of the PPTC device to help prevent arcing in the bimetal protector at higher currents. Datasheet
Metal Hybrid PPTC (MHP) Devices

  • Fills market need for battery protection devices rated above 30 A and 36 VDC
  • Provides resettable overcurrent and short circuit protection in Li-ion battery packs
  • Helps protect Li-ion cells from damage due to abnormal high currents that could cause heat damage and lead to premature cell end of life and potential field returns
  • Arc suppression: current shunts to the PPTC due to its low resistance helping to suppress arcing all while helping protect the contacts from damage or welding shut
  • Double make/double break contact design allows for a high current rating in a smaller device package

Features Applications
  • RoHS compliant
  • 30 A hold current
  • Rated at 36 VDC, 100 A maximum
  • Low device resistance (<2 mΩ) compared to other breaker devices
  • Able to withstand heavy vibration and impact
  • Device allows easy mounting between 18650 cells
  • Li-ion battery packs for high-rate-discharge applications
    • Cordless power tools
    • E-bikes
    • Back-up power supplies (UPS)
    • Back-up power for medical devices
  • Motor protection

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