TE Connectivity Mezzanine Connectors

TE Connectivity’s (TE) mezzanine connector families can help extend the life of your devices prone to vibration, meet today’s electronic industry requirements for high density packaging and help provide excellent electrical performance. Learn more about the TE selection of mezzanine connectors available for immediate shipment!

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Micro MaTch Connectors

Micro MaTch ConnectorsTE Connectivity’s (TE) Micro-MaTch connector's spring connection can help extend the life of your devices that are prone to vibration. The Micro MaTch connector contact spring design helps prevent fretting corrosion and helps provide for a cost effective, longer lasting board-to-board connection.


  • High force contact system helps eliminate unnecessary movement in high-vibration applications
  • Unique to manufacturing capabilities with full range of application tooling
  • Insulation displacement contact (IDC) helps allow for labor cost savings
  • Polarization pin and audible snap-latch supports alignment and mating


  • Industrial Equipment
  • Automation and Controls
  • Automotive
  • Lighting
  • Data Communications
  • Audio/Video equipment
  • Cellular Devices
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Free Height Connectors

Free Height Connectors

Free Height (FH) surface mount connectors are designed for parallel board stacking applications using subminiature connectors to help meet toady’s electronic industry requirements for high density packaging. The FH connectors fit a broad spectrum of interconnect uses and are great for application downsizing.


  • Stack heights from 4mm to 20mm
  • 40-440 positions
  • Polarized housings help prevent mismating
  • Locating posts allow for proper positioning
  • Available in tube, tray or tape and reel to help meet your packaging needs.


  • Personal computers
  • Tablets
  • Telecommunications
  • Data storage devices
  • Switches
  • Servers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Appliances
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The MICTOR SB Connector Family

MICTOR SB ConnectorsThe MICTOR SB connector family is based on the microstrip concept of two rows of signal contacts divided by a center power ground plane. The family offers connectors with either 0.50 [.020] or 0.80 [.032] centerlines and is available in various mated heights for parallel board-to-board systems.

The connector housing material is a liquid crystal polymer, compatible with infrared and forced air convection operations. The MICTOR SB connector family maintains controlled impedance to help provide an excellent electrical performance at rise times as fast as 50 picoseconds impedance and uses the solid ground bus between the rows of signals to help provide low crosstalk and excellent high-speed signal characteristics.


  • 0.50 [.020] centerline product: 105 dedicated signal lines per inch within one module (60 contacts per module; modules on 20.0 [.788] centerlines)
  • 0.80 [.032] centerline product: 66.8 dedicated signal lines per inch within one module (40 contacts per module; modules on 20.0 [.788] centerlines)
  • Surface mount family designed for parallel board-to-board, flex-to-board and cable-to-board configurations
  • Infrared and forced air convection compatible housing materials
  • Designed for 50-Ohm or 100-Ohm systems
  • Housings are polarized to help provide correct mating
  • Packaging styles available in trays and pocket tape, with both styles available with or without vacuum dots
  • Provides for 23 levels of mezzanine stacking (5.00 [.197] to 31.90 [1.256])
  • Straddle mount plugs and receptacles available for coplanar or traditional right-angle paddlecard applications
  • High-performance cable assemblies available from 38 to 266 positions for plugging into vertical or right-angle receptacle connectors
  • Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriter Laboratories Inc. File No. E111594 R


  • CPU/memory module
  • Video board
  • Interconnection of adjacent daughtercards
  • High-performance applications for motherboard/daughtercard and backplane/daughtercard interconnections from 38 to 300 positions

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