TE Connectivity Distributor

Fine Pitch Hermaphroditic Board-to-Board Connectors

TE Connectivity offers 0.50 mm FPH board-to-board connectors for parallel stacking of printed circuit boards

TE Connectivity's Fine Pitch Hermaphroditic Board-to-Board ConnectorsThe TE Connectivity 0.50 mm FPH board-to-board product is a hermaphroditic "mate-to-itself" interconnect system. Eliminate the need for both a plug and receptacle for board-to-board applications by eliminating half the part numbers with a design that only requires one part number.

  • Hermaphroditic design (mates to itself)
  • Easy, reliable mating
  • High un-mating forces
  • Extreme operating temperature range
  • High speeds

  • Hard disk drive
  • Portable and mobile electronic equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • POS retail equipment
  • Hand-held terminals
  • Sensors
  • Military or aerospace applications
  • Communications and networking
  • Data and mass storage
  • Motor vehicles
  • Metering and energy
  • Identification and data capture

  • Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
    A118115CT-ND 2199070-4 0.5MM FS BTB, 4H/HERMAPHRODITIC Datasheet
    A118115TR-ND 2199070-4 0.5MM FS BTB, 4H/HERMAPHRODITIC Datasheet