TE Connectivity Solutions for Rugged Environments

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of passive electronic components—including connectors and interconnect systems, relays, switches, circuit protection devices, sensors, and wire and cable—TE Connectivity (TE) has been helping the Aerospace, Defense, and Marine industries reach new levels of performance for over 60 years. TE puts a premium on innovation when helping solve tough design problems and shorten the design cycle, reduce costs, increase reliability, design for manufacturability, and meet the demanding requirements of harsh environment applications.


Advanced high speed/high bandwidth copper, RF and fiber optic connectors for harsh environments used for inside and outside the box or box-to-box applications. Available Mil-Spec and industry standards (VITA, ARINC, SAE), provide design flexibility for SWaP (size, weight and power) goals.

AMPLIMITE MIL-DTL-Connectors 24308

AMPLIMITE MIL-DTL-Connectors 24308 Buy Now


  • Subminiature D-type interface
  • MIL-DTL-24308 compliant

Full Range

  • Series 90 for Size 22 contacts, with up to 104 positions
  • Series 109 for Size 20 contacts, with up to 50 positions
  • Uses standard MIL-DTL-39029 contacts


  • Special configurations for mixing signal, power, and coax contacts
  • Steel shells with cadmium & zinc plating

MULTIGIG RT 2 and MULTIGIG RT 2-R Connectors VITA 46

MULTIGIG  Connectors VITA 46 Buy Now


  • Supporting data rates up to 10 Gb/s

Weight Saving

  • Extremely light weight


  • Pinless interface: Eliminates potential for pin damage and provides flexibility
  • ESD features: Provide field serviceability
  • Fully qualified for VITA 47 environments


  • Customer tested under most extreme vibration, beyond the VPX standard
  • Customer tested to 10,000 mating cycles

Mezalok Mezzanine Connectors

Mezalok Mezzanine Connectors Buy Now

High-speed reliability

  • Up to 12 Gb/s data rates
  • Four points of contact – based on M55302 standard
  • Stub-proof contact interfere


  • Multiple positions - 60, 114 and 320
  • Multiple stack heights - 10, 12, 15, and 18 mm


  • Ball grid array (BGA) PCB attachment supports standard surface mount processing
  • Provides excellent thermal stability for reliable solder joints

CeeLok FAS-T Connectors

CeeLok FAS-T Connectors Buy Now

High Speed

  • Deliver 10G signals in some of the most extreme application environments
  • T-shaped contact pattern improves signal integrity
  • Uniform crosstalk cancellation and impedance control

Easy to Use

  • Field terminable
  • Compatible with multiple braid terminations, adaptor styles and seal boots
  • Scoop-proof design

Space, Weight, and Cost Savings

  • Integral backshell for strain relief and 360-degree EMI protection
  • Compact shell size

CeeLok FAS-T Nano Connectors

CeeLok FAS-T Nano Connectors Buy Now

Extreme Space and Weight Savings

  • .30” diameter
  • Push-pull or threaded coupling


  • 10G Ethernet-capable 8-position connector
  • Innovative T-shaped contact pattern reduces crosstalk


  • IP68 environmentally sealed
  • 250-mating-cycle durability
  • Withstands shock and vibration


Design and manufacture of relays for operation in extremes of temperature, shock, vibration and altitude. Includes COTS (commercial off-the-shelf), Mil-Spec, plus highly specialized, custom-designed products.

EV Contactors

EV Contactors Buy Now


  • Hermetically sealed
  • Operates in explosive/ harsh environments without oxidation or contamination of contacts, during long periods of non-operation
  • 8 kV isolation between open contacts permits use for high voltage isolation and carry
  • Not position sensitive; can be mounted in any orientation
  • Solid copper contacts


  • Coil economizer allows for operation between 9 and 36 VDC or 48 to 92 VDC with minimal hold current
  • Designed and built in accordance with AS9100
  • UL Recognized for the U.S. and Canada (File E208033)
  • RoHS compliant

LEV Contactors

LEV Contactors Buy Now


  • Hermetically sealed for intrinsic safety
  • Operates in explosive/harsh environments without oxidation or contamination of contacts, during long periods of non-operation
  • 8 kV isolation between open contacts permits use for high voltage isolation and carry


  • 12, 24 and 48 VDC coils
  • Not position sensitive; can be mounted in any orientation
  • Solid copper contacts


  • Designed and built in accordance to AIAG QS9000
  • UL Recognized for the U.S. and Canada (File E208033)
  • RoHS compliant

1/5, 1/2 and Full Size Crystal Can Relays

1/5, 1/2 and Full Size Crystal Can Relays Buy Now

Compact and Reliable

  • Hermetically sealed in 1/5 size, 1/2 size or full-size enclosures
  • Terminals are arranged on .200” grid (1/2 and full size) or .150” grid (1/5 size)

Wide Choices

  • Plain case or choice of various mounting brackets or mounting studs
  • Non-latching and latching designs
  • Choice of straight pin or solder hook terminals


  • MIL-R-5757 and MIL-PRF-39016 qualified products available

TO-5, and .100 Grid Low Signal Relays

TO-5, and .100 Grid Low Signal Relays Buy Now

Space-Saving Reliability

  • Hermetically sealed miniature designs
  • Transistor and MOSFET driven versions available
  • High frequency models capable of switching up through 6 GHz

Range of Configurations

  • Non-latching, single pole and double pole designs
  • Through hole and gull-wing surface mount terminals


  • MIL-PRF-28776 and MIL-PRF-39016 qualified products available


AGASTAT Relays Buy Now

High-Performance Reliability

  • High repeat accuracy over voltage and temperature extremes
  • Hermetically sealed units designed for high shock and vibration applications
  • DPDT contacts

Easy to Use

  • Instant recycling — easy linear adjustment
  • Dial head adjustment — no needle valves
  • Delay ranges from milliseconds to 3 minutes

Harness Protection

Full range of interconnect products including heat shrinkable components, splices & terminations, backshell and value added assemblies that provide reliable sealing, shielding and mechanical protection. Includes repair products and tooling for harness assembly.

AS85049 Adapters and Bandstraps

AS85049 Adapters and Bandstraps Buy Now

Rugged Reliability

  • Self-coupling locking nut for high reliability under vibration
  • Adapters available in cadmium or electroless nickel plated aluminum
  • Bands are side entry for easier installation and repair
  • Corrosion-resistant steel bands

Flexible Choices

  • Bands available flat or pre-coiled
  • Three strap widths
  • Straight, 45°, and 90° adapters


  • Meets AS85049 standards

Side Entry Tinel-Lock Ring

Side Entry Tinel-Lock Ring Buy Now

Easy to Use

  • Side entry for simple, fast shield termination
  • Low profile, buckle-free termination
  • One-piece construction with interlocking ends

High Performance

  • Heat recoverable with resistance heater or a simple heat gun
  • Shape memory ring provides uniform recovery force
  • Excellent mechanical and electrical properties

SolderSleeve Shield Termination

SolderSleeve Shield Termination Buy Now

Highly Reliable

  • Environmentally sealed, insulated, and encapsulated solder connection
  • Wide range of temperature ratings, up to -65°C to 200°C
  • Splash- and immersion-resistant versions

Easy Installation

  • Prefluxed solder preform provides a controlled soldering process
  • One-piece design, with optional preinstalled ground leads
  • Transparent polyvinylidene fluoride or polyolefin insulation sleeve for inspectability

Molded Parts

Molded Parts Buy Now


  • Use for environmental sealing of connectors, wire strain relief, potting molds for rugged applications, EMI shielding, cable feedthroughs,  and mechanical protection from chafing and flexing
  • Over 15 cross-linked polymers to choose from to meet various temperature, environmental and mechanical needs
  • Special designs are available for brackets, spacers, D-subminature backshells,  and saddle clamp bushings


  • Adhesive-lined parts save time and increase reliability by having the proper amount of adhesive in the proper location