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Economy Power Connectors

TE Connectivity Economy Power Connectors

TE Connectivity offers Economy Power (EP) wire-to-board connectors for power circuit applications

TE Connectivity's (TE) Economy Power (EP) wire-to-board connector family is widely used for power circuit applications. Based on the proven EP version, the new and more advanced EP II and EP 2.5 lines offer additional benefits. EP II connectors are rated for 600 VAC at up to 11 A and thus offer potential for a larger range of applications. Additionally, their electric properties make it an option to mix signal and power in one connector. EP II connectors offer two levels of mechanical and electrical reliability: a true locking latch that prevents the plug housing and post header from vibrating apart, and while a Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) device that produces a tangible click once a receptacle contact is fully seated. A visual aid confirms that the contact is home in addition to providing easy access to a probe tip for continuity testing. The new EP 2.5 family is a compact version based on a .100" [2.5 mm] pitch ideally suited for PC board space restraints. Available with up to 20 positions, it is the perfect choice for combining power and signal.

Features Applications
  • Positive audible latch designed for easier mating / unmating
  • Polarization tabs help prevent post misalignment
  • Complete product offering with color coded housings
  • End to end stackable
  • Intermateable to similar competitive products for
    retrofit applications
  • Broad portfolio includes .100, .156, .200 and .312 centerline families
  • Household appliances
  • Commercial & building equipment
  • HVAC & vending controls
  • Industrial machinery & equipment: generators
  • Coin changers/vending machines
  • Lighting

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
A103939-ND 1-2132782-2 CONN BREAKAWAY RETAINER Datasheet
A103940-ND 1744144-1 CONN SOCKET 18-22AWG TIN Datasheet
A103948-ND 2132813-2 CONN HOUSING 2POS .156" SNGL Datasheet
A103941-ND 2132781-3 CONN HOUSING 3POS .156" SNGL Datasheet
A103942-ND 2132781-4 CONN HOUSING 4POS .156" SNGL
A103943-ND 2132781-5 CONN HOUSING 5POS .156" SNGL
A103944-ND 2132781-6 CONN HOUSING 6POS .156" SNGL
A103945-ND 2132781-7 CONN HOUSING 7POS .156" SNGL
A103946-ND 2132781-8 CONN HOUSING 8POS .156" SNGL
A103947-ND 2132781-9 CONN HOUSING 9POS .156" SNGL
A103936-ND 1-2132781-0 CONN HOUSING 10POS .156" SNGL
A103937-ND 1-2132781-1 CONN HOUSING 11POS .156" SNGL
A103938-ND 1-2132781-2 CONN HOUSING 12POS .156" SNGL
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