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TE Connectivity antennas comply with the most stringent requirements

TE Connectivity AMP's Antenna ProductsTE Connectivity designs and manufactures antennas that comply with the most stringent operating requirements. They are a pioneer of customized, embedded antenna solutions to accommodate the wireless industry's move towards increased complexity and demand for miniaturization, combined with the need to integrate a multi-radio environment into one component.

TE Connectivity's innovative antenna designs have been applied to a wide range of wireless products including the world's thinnest laptop, leading touch screen smartphones, and even revolutionary gaming consoles. Our antennas offer endless possibilities for our customers to create wireless devices with several combinations of features in a variety of shapes or sizes.

Numerous Industries have integrated wireless functionality into their everyday products and/or services. TE provides advanced antenna solutions for most wireless devices, with many combinations of required features. Their antenna designs accommodate numerous sets of frequency bands for operation on any network - in both regional and global markets - at a competitive price point.

  • Global footprint with design and manufacturing locations around the world for quick time-to-market solutions
  • Design innovation as trend setters pushing the limits with our innovative antenna designs
  • Experienced antenna manufacturer offering a complete range of cost effective manufacturing technologies
  • State of the art test equipment with 100% RF and acoustic testing capabilities
  • Value added production processes on-site along with experienced RF and mechanical design engineering teams

  • Smart grids
  • Notebook and desktop computers
  • Wireless printers and routers
  • HDTVs
  • Wireless alarm, security, and monitoring systems
  • Vehicle tracking systems

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
A99514CT-ND 1513164-1 ANTENNA 802.11A/B DUAL BAND SMD Datasheet
A107434-ND 1513169-1 800 MHZ CELLULAR ANTENNA (RS-1 Datasheet
A99513-ND 1513259-1 ANTENNA WORLD GSM SMD Datasheet
A107421-ND 1513381-1 WLAN ANTENNA 3.1GHZ-6GHZ Datasheet
A107424-ND 1513434-1 ANTENNA PCB DUAL BAND EU Datasheet
A107425-ND 1513472-5 DUAL BAND ANT 802.11A/B/G/N Datasheet
A99515CT-ND 1513504-1 ANTENNA BLUETOOTH 802.11B/G SMD Datasheet
A107432CT-ND 1513634-1 400411LF MOLDED STAMPED ANTENNA Datasheet
A107428-ND 2118016-1 ANTENNA PCB DUAL BAND Datasheet
A107429-ND 2118059-1 2.3-3.8GHZ PCB ANT 350MM CABLE Datasheet
A107430-ND 2118060-1 DUAL BAND PCB ANT 350MM CABLE Datasheet
A107433-ND 1513168-1 900 MHZ CTO ANTENNA (RS-100500 Datasheet