MCOIL™ Series Metal Power Inductors

Taiyo Yuden's best-in-class DC bias characteristics with superior materials and process technology

Taiyo Yuden MCOIL™ Series Metal Power Inductors Taiyo Yuden has recently expanded their award-winning MCOIL™ metal power inductor line with several new series, including two AEC-Q200 compliant series. MCOIL's metallic magnetic materials are optimized for use in choke coils. Target applications include power supply circuits in mobile, automotive, and industrial markets, among others. These applications require components that deliver a high current in a compact space. The combination of newly developed metallic magnetic materials along with Taiyo Yuden's advanced process technology achieves the industry’s best-in-class DC bias characteristics. This coupled with size reduction and higher current capability offers application engineers one of the best values available today.

Applications for the MCOIL include:

  • Automotive
  • Factory Automation
  • Mobile
  • M2M
  • Memory/Storage

Series Available*:
MA Series - Metal core wound chip power inductors
MB Series - Low cost metal core wire-wound chip power inductors
MD Series - High current square metal core SMD power inductors

*Available in a variety of inductances and tolerances
Available in standard and AEC-Q200 compliant series
† Automotive grade part numbers denoted by a "V" ending