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Low Resistance Current Sensors

Digi-Key introduces the RL, PRL and KRL series

Susumu's RL series current sensing resistors are some of the world's smallest chip current sensors per wattage due to the patented heat dissipation design. The long-side terminal type boasts low ESL and very small signal noise in high frequency applications.


RoHS Compliant Any application that requires current sensing raw resistance resistors such as:
  • Protection circuits
  • Control circuits
Susumu Co. Ltd.'s RL Series - Low Resistance Current Sensors
  • Smallest size for required wattage Compare
  • Over-current protection by becoming open (PRL)
  • Good RF4 board compatibility
  • No hot spot and minimum temperature increase Compare
  • Offered in two configurations – longer side terminal and
    standard shorter side terminal
  • Temperature cycle resistance (KRL series) Compare

  • Highest wattage for required size
  • Low ESL – low noise Compare
  • Resistance range 1mΩ to 100Ω
  • Highest power for available space
  • Resistance tolerance as low as ±0.5%
  • Excellent current-surge tolerance

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