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Super Silence Fan Series

Sunon's Super Silence DC fan series is extremely silent, designed with audio aesthetics, and low starting voltage

Sunon's Super Silence Fan SeriesSunon developed the Super Silence fan series, with persistent attention to detail and acoustic quality. Incorporation of mini-motor technology into the fans maximizes the space between the fan blades and the airflow passage. Low starting voltage is a characteristic feature of the Super Silence fan, enabling it to run at a low speed without losing its excellent cooling efficiency. The fan can be extensively used in medical equipment, household electrical appliances, kitchen facilities, and business equipment. Consistent with the characteristic "cool" and "silent" performance of Sunon's products, the Super Silence fan will give the user the best overall experience.

Super Silence Fan Series
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
259-1615-ND HA30101V3-000U-A99 FAN 12VDC 30 x 30 X 10MM 3.5CFM Datasheet
259-1616-ND HA40101V4-000U-999 FAN 12VDC 40 x 40 X 10MM 5.3CFM Datasheet
259-1617-ND HA40201V4-000U-999 FAN 12VDC 40 x 40 X 20MM 5.5CFM Datasheet
259-1622-ND HA50151V4-000U-999 FAN 12VDC 50 x 50 X 15MM 7.7CFM Datasheet
259-1621-ND HA60151V4-000U-999 FAN 12VDC 60 x 60 X 15MM 10.8CFM Datasheet
259-1618-ND HA60251V4-000U-999 FAN 12VDC 60 x 60 X 25MM 13.8CFM Datasheet
259-1619-ND HA80251V4-000U-999 FAN 12VDC 80 x 80 X 25MM 23.7CFM Datasheet
259-1614-ND HA92251V4-000U-999 FAN 12VDC 92 x 92 X 25MM 28.1CFM Datasheet
259-1620-ND HAC0251S4-000U-999 FAN 12VDC 120 x 120 X 25MM 55CFM Datasheet