Sunon Distributer

LED Cooling Module

An active cooling module with high-level cooling design and micro cooling technology

Sunon has managed to break through the bottleneck of the LED lighting industry. The company offers an active cooling module with high-level cooling design and micro cooling technology, low power consumption, energy saving, and an environmentally green design. The Sunon LED lighting active cooling module features high cooling efficiency, long service life, high temperature resistance, low power consumption, high reliability, and their Super Silence Fan design. It effectively satisfies client’s LED cooling need and meets the compact, lightweight trend of lamps. Sunon's LED Cooling Module

  • Sunon LED Total Thermal Solution effectively eliminates heat and allows higher lumen output in the limited bulb space available
  • Active cooling solution allows lamps to be more lightweight and compact
  • Bearings are designed with the patented DR MagLev motors which feature an extended motor life
  • Successfully solves LED light decline, color shift, overheating, and other problems
  • Sunon’s Super Silence fan design meets the American Energy Star noise regulation (MR16 measured at 12 inches, noise level is not allowed to exceed 24 dBA)

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
259-1582-ND EF30080S2-E00U-A99 FAN 30X8MM 5VDC 3CFM Datasheet
259-1583-ND HA30101V3-E00U-A99 FAN 30X10MM 12VDC 1.9CFM Datasheet
259-1584-ND HA40101V3-E00U-A99 FAN 40X10MM 12VDC 4.5CFM
259-1585-ND HA60150V3-E02U-A99 FAN 60X15MM 5VDC 13.2CFM
259-1586-ND HA60150V3-E03U-A99 FAN 60X15MM 5VDC 9.7CFM
259-1587-ND HA60151V3-E00U-A99 FAN 60X15MM 12VDC 9.7CFM
259-1588-ND HA60151V3-E01U-A99 FAN 60X15MM 12VDC 13.2CFM

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
259-1605-ND RA000-001999DN HEATSINK 86X25MM Datasheet
259-1606-ND RA000-002999DN HEATSINK 85X20MM Datasheet
259-1607-ND RA000-003999DN HEATSINK 86X15MM Datasheet
259-1608-ND RA001-001999DN HEATSINK 170X10MM Datasheet
259-1609-ND RA001-002999DN HEATSINK 160X30MM Datasheet
259-1610-ND RA001-003999DN HEATSINK 170X10MM Datasheet
259-1611-ND RA001-004999DN HEATSINK 86X37MM Datasheet
259-1612-ND RA002-001999DN HEATSINK 170X30MM Datasheet
259-1613-ND RA002-002999DN HEATSINK 170X30MM Datasheet

Heatsink with Fan
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
259-1535-ND TA001-09012 LED HEATSINK W/FAN 5V 59X20MM Datasheet
259-1536-ND TA002-10002 LED HEATSINK W/FAN 12V 40X10MM Datasheet
259-1537-ND TA003-10001 LED HEATSINK W/FAN 12V 60X15MM Datasheet
259-1538-ND TA003-10003 LED HEATSINK W/FAN 12V 60X15MM Datasheet
259-1539-ND TA001-11002 LED HEATSINK W/FAN 12V 86X30MM Datasheet
259-1540-ND TA004-10003 LED HEATSINK W/FAN 12V 86X52.4MM Datasheet
259-1589-ND LA001-002A99DY FANSINK 50X15.1MM 12VDC Datasheet
259-1590-ND LA001-011A99DN FANSINK 86X30.5MM 12VDC Datasheet
259-1591-ND LA001-012A99DN FANSINK 86X35MM 5VDC
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