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High Temperature TRIACs

High Temperature Sensitive TRIACs from STMicroelectronics Achieve Motor Control at 150°C

STMicroelectronics - High Temperature Triac SeriesSTMicroelectronics offers high temperature TRIACs with 10mA gate sensitivity specified for operation up to 150°C without derating. This enables low cost solutions for heaters, motors, and other small appliances through savings on heatsinks, gate-drive power-supplies, and snubber circuitry.

The devices introduced are the T610H rated for maximum current of 6A as well as the 8A T810H and 10A T1010H. The low, 10mA gate current of these TRIACS allows direct logic-level switching, saving on component count and reducing the size and cost of the power supply. In addition, the low gate current facilitates the high dynamic performance, maintaining specified minimal commutation and 75V/µs noise immunity at up to 150°C. This high maximum junction temperature (Tj) allows designers to reduce or remove heatsinks in cost-sensitive designs, increase power density, and enhance reliability at high ambient temperatures.

The TRIACs are ideal for control of AC loads such as electric heaters, inductive heating equipment, medium-power motors, and other small appliances. At normal operating temperatures, they exceed the performance of similar devices specified for 125°C maximum Tj. All devices are rated up to 600V for reliable operation in mains-powered systems.

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  • IT(RMS)current: 4 to 30 A
  • Tjmax=150°C (instead of 125°C for standard Triacs)
  • VRRM/VDRM:600 V
  • IGT: 10 mA, 35 mA and 50 mA
  • Turn-off capability - inductive commutation: 3 to 4 times the IT(RMS) equivalent resistive load slope compared to standard 125°C TriacsRoHS Compliant
  • Noise immunity: up to 1500 V/µs
  • TO-220AB non insulated, TO-220AB ceramic insulated, and D2PAK packages


  • High current density applications
  • High-reliability motor control
  • High turn-off performances
  • High noise immunity
  • Heatsink reduction


  • Hot environments
    • cookers
    • ovens
    • hobs
    • coffee machines
    • soya milk machines
  • Motor control
    • washing machines
    • vacuum cleaners
    • power tools
  • High power density on PCBs
    • heaters
    • high-power motors


Triacs Diagram

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Digi-Key P/N ST P/N Description Max Current Datasheet
497-9014-5-ND T610H-6T HIGH TEMP 6A SENSITIVE TRIACS 6A Datasheet
497-9012-5-ND T810H-6T HIGH TEMP 8A SENSITIVE TRIACS 8A Datasheet
497-9013-1-ND* T810H-6G-TR HIGH TEMP 8A SENSITIVE TRIACS 8A Datasheet
497-9016-5-ND T1010H-6T HIGH TEMP 10A SENSITIVE TRIACS 10A Datasheet
497-9017-1-ND* T1010H-6G-TR HIGH TEMP 10A SENSITIVE TRIACS 10A Datasheet
* Available in Tape & Reel (2-ND), Cut Tape (1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (6-ND)