STM65xx Smart Reset™ ICs

STMicroelectronics' dual pushbutton Smart Reset IC for manual reset applications

STMicroelectronics' STM65xx family of Smart Resets™ consists of low power microprocessor reset circuits designed to provide an extended input delay period on single or dual Smart Reset inputs. A reset is asserted when valid Smart Reset input conditions (combined push button press) and set up time delays are met, with the aim of ensuring a safe reset and eliminating the need for a dedicated reset button. In a typical application, the Smart Reset inputs are connected to the interrupt lines, to allow the control of both the interrupt and the hard reset function. A short push sends an interrupt to the micro, a push longer than the setup time causes a hard reset.
STMicroelectronics STM65xx Smart Reset™ ICs

  Features   Applications
  • Two Smart Reset pushbutton inputs with adjustable delay
  • Programmable reset setup delay (up to 15s):
    • 2-state logic (STM6520)
    • 3-state logic (STM6513, STM6503, STM6504)
    • External capacitor (STM6505, STM6510, STM6522)
  • Low supply current (3µA typical)
  • Factory-programmed thresholds to monitor Vcc
    (except STM6520 and STM6522)
  • Power On reset (except STM6520 and STM6522)
  • Single or dual reset outputs (push-pull or open drain)
  • Fixed or programmable reset pulse duration (except STM6520)
  • TDFN-8 package: 2 x 2 x 0.75mm, 0.5mm pitch
  • Operating temperature -40°C to 85°C
  • Any application with a manual reset
    • Portable (consumer, industrial, telecom, healthcare)
    • White goods
    • STBs
    • Alarm systems
    • GPS
    • Portable media players
    • Smartphones and PDAs
RoHS Compliant

Available in Tape & Reel (-2-ND), Cut Tape (-1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (-6-ND)
Part Number
Part Number
Current - Supply Voltage - Threshold Applications  
STM6503VEAADG6F 497-10053-1-ND 4µA 1.575V Smart Reset STM6503VEAADG6F Datasheet
STM6505RCABDG6F 497-10531-1-ND 2.3µA 2.625V General Purpose STM6505RCABDG6F Datasheet
STM6505SCABDG6F 497-10532-1-ND 2.3µA 2.925V General Purpose STM6505SCABDG6F Datasheet
STM6505WCABDG6F 497-10533-1-ND 2.3µA 1.665V General Purpose STM6505WCABDG6F Datasheet
STM6510RCACDG6F 497-10534-1-ND 1.5µA 2.625V General Purpose STM6510RCACDG6F Datasheet
STM6510SCACDG6F 497-10535-1-ND 1.5µA 2.925V General Purpose STM6510SCACDG6F Datasheet
STM6510WCACDG6F 497-10536-1-ND 1.5µA 1.665V General Purpose STM6510WCACDG6F Datasheet

Part Number
Part Number
Output Voltage - Threshold Type  
STM6513REIEDG6F 497-10124-1-ND Open Drain, Push-Pull 2.625V Smart Reset STM6513REIEDG6F Datasheet
STM6513SEIEDG6F 497-10125-1-ND Open Drain, Push-Pull 2.925V Smart Reset STM6513SEIEDG6F Datasheet
STM6513VEIEDG6F 497-10126-1-ND Open Drain, Push-Pull 1.575V Smart Reset STM6513VEIEDG6F Datasheet
STM6520AQRRDG9F 497-10127-1-ND Open Drain, Push-Pull - Smart Reset STM6520AQRRDG9F Datasheet
STM6522AAAADG6F 497-10619-1-ND Both RST1 and RST2 open drain, no pull-up, active-low - Smart Reset STM6522AAAADG6F Datasheet