Low-loss 1200V IGBTs Reduce Energy Use in Everyday Motor Drives -
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STMicroelectronics' STGW30N120KD & STGW40N120KD are respectively 30A and 40A 1200V IGBTs, which reduce the environmental impact of daily use equipment such as home appliances, HVACs and industrial motor drivers. These devices combine high current and high voltage capability, great ruggedness and low power losses due to ST's proprietary PowerMESH™ process, delivering greater all-around energy efficiency. The lower conduction and switching losses allow a significant improvement in efficiency, especially at higher temperatures, and the use of smaller and lower cost components in power-control circuits. The 1200V IGBTs also feature a short circuit withstand time of 10µs, making them resistant to common causes of motor-controller failures.     STGW30 Datasheet     STGW40 Datasheet
STMicroelectronics STGW30N120KD & STGW40N120KD IGBTs

  Features   Applications
  • Low conduction losses
  • High current capability
  • Low gate charge
  • Short circuit withstand time of 10µs
  • IGBT co-packaged with an ultra fast free-wheeling diode
    RoHS Compliant
  • Industrial drives
  • Compressor motors
  • Commercial HVAC blowers
  • Industrial pumps/FAN
  • Medical (AED/ICD)

Part Number
Part Number
Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max) Vce(on) (Max)
@ Vge, Ic
Current - Collector (Ic) (Max) Power - Max Package
STGW30N120KD 497-7015-5-ND 1200V 3.85V @ 15V,
20A / 30A
60A 220W TO-247-3
STGW40N120KD 497-10000-5-ND 80A 240W TO-247