STGIPxx Intelligent Power Modules

STMicroelectronics STGIPxx Intelligent Power Module (IPM)

STMicroelectronics' thermally efficient modules
simplify design of low-power motor controls

STMicroelectronics' intelligent power modules (IPMs) provide a compact, high performance solution to drive 3-phase motors (BLDC, PMAC, Induction) for a simple and rugged design. It mainly targets low/medium power inverters for applications such as home appliances and HVAC. It combines ST proprietary control ICs with the most advanced short circuit rugged IGBT system technology.

ST’s four newest IPMs are the STGIPS10K60A, STGIPS14K60, STGIPL14K60, and the STGIPS20K60. Each device includes three 600V IGBT half bridges with freewheeling diodes, ST proprietary control ICs, bootstrap diode, and protection functions, including temperature control and comparators to protect against overcurrent and short-circuit faults. The STGIPL14K60 has the added benefit of internal op-amps, allowing designers to eliminate external current-sensing components normally required to control motor speed (field oriented control). This device also has internal dead-time insertion to prevent excessive current damaging the IGBTs as well as a smart-shutdown function also featured in the STGIPS14K60 and in the STGIPS20K60.

  Features   Applications
  • 600V, 3-phase IGBT inverter bridge including control ICs for gate driving and freewheeling diodes
  • Short-circuit protected IGBTs
  • Isolated package up to 2500Vrms/min
  • Smart shutdown function (STGIPS14K60/STGIPL14K60/STGIPS20K60)
  • Comparator for fault protection against overcurrent, overtemperature, and short circuits (STGIPS14K60/STGIPL14K60/STGIPS20K60)
  • 3-phase inverters for motor control:
    • Brushless DC motors
    • AC induction motors
    • Permanent magnetic synchronous motors
RoHS Compliant

Part Number
Part Number
Motor Type Voltage - Output Current - Output Package  
STGIPS10K60A 497-10404-5-ND 3-Phase AC 600V 10A PCB Module STGIPS10K60A Datasheet

Part Number
Part Number
Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown Max. Vce(on) Max. @ Vge, Ic Current - Collector (Ic) Max. Current - Collector Cutoff Max. Package  
STGIPS14K60 497-10572-5-ND 600V 2.5V @ 15V, 7A 14A 100µA 38-SDIP Module STGIPS14K60 Datasheet
STGIPL14K60 497-10571-5-ND 600V 2.5V @ 15V, 7A 14A 100µA 38-SDIP Module STGIPL14K60 Datasheet
STGIPS20K60 497-10573-5-ND 600V 2.75V @ 15V, 12A 17A 100µA 25-SDIP Module STGIPS20K60 Datasheet