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ST1S09 and ST1S30 DC/DC Power Converters

1.5 MHz Step-down DC/DC converters with synchronous rectification from STMicro

STMicro's ST1S09 and the ST1S30 are step-down voltage regulators optimized for powering low output applications. The ST1S09 supplies a current in excess of 2 A and the ST1S30 supplies a current in excess of 3 A. Both DC/DC converters have a high switching frequency (1.5 MHz) that allows the use of tiny surface-mount components. The input voltage range for both devices is from 2.7 V to 6 V. The devices are thermally protected and the synchronous rectifier is integrated, therefore the number of external devices is reduced to minimum: a resistor divider, an inductor and two small capacitors. The typical efficiency for both step-down voltage regulators is >90%. Two versions are available for each of the devices: power good or inhibit. Both DC/DC converters are placed in small DFN packages. STMicro's ST1S09 and ST1S30 DC/DC Power Converters

Features Applications
  • Integrated output over-voltage protection
  • Typical efficiency: >90%
  • Operating junction temperature: -30°C to 125°C (ST1S09)
  • Supply voltage range: from 2.7 V to 6 V
  • 1.5 MHz fixed frequency PWM with current control mode
  • 2% DC output voltage tolerance
  • Notebook computers
  • HDD and SSD applications
  • STB applications
  • Gateway applications
  • Printer applications
  • Low voltage POL in general

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Packaging Description Datasheet
497-11048-2-ND ST1S30IPUR Tape & Reel (TR) IC CONV DC-DC 3A 1.5MHZ PWM 8DFN Datasheet
497-11048-1-ND Cut Tape (CT)
497-11048-6-ND Digi-Reel®
497-6312-2-ND ST1S09PUR Tape & Reel (TR) IC REG SW 2A 1.5MHZ PWM DFN6 Datasheet
497-6312-1-ND Cut Tape (CT)
497-6312-6-ND Digi-Reel®
497-6903-2-ND ST1S09IPUR Tape & Reel (TR) IC REG SW 2A 1.5MHZ SD DFN-6D
497-6903-1-ND Cut Tape (CT)
497-6903-6-ND Digi-Reel®