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SCLT3-8BT8 8-Input Termination

Regulated and protected current limiting terminations from STMicroelectronics

STMElectronics - SCLT3-8BT8 8-input TerminationSTMicroelectronics' SCLT3-8BT8 integrated protection and signal-termination device allows designers to increase the number of channels in new equipment designs without adding large numbers of extra components. Using conventional terminations, one optical transistor is required per data channel. The SCLT3-8BT8 combines eight data channels into a single serial output, allowing the number of optical transistors and associated components to be reduced significantly. This approach can save in excess of 50 percent of PCB area and about 30 percent of power consumption compared to existing alternatives.

The effective power consumption is less than 78mW per input, which saves energy and reduces heat generated by the isolator. This benefit is particularly valuable for sealed control units, which are required in applications such as food processing and chemical industries.

With input characteristics meeting the international standard IEC61131-2 for programmable controllers, this device can be used in equipment for a wide range of applications and environments. The SCLT3-8BT8’s built-in protection features meet the IEC61000-4 standards for electrical transients up to ±4kV, voltage surges up to ±1kV, and ESD up to ±15kV air discharge. The device provides an industry-standard SPI communication interface, enabling direct connection to other components in the system.

  • 8-input termination circuit with common ground
  • 2.35mA ±10% active current limiter for each input
  • Adjustable digital filter provided for each input
  • Serial data SPI bus compatible outputRoHS Compliant
  • Wide 15VDC to 35VDC supply range

  • I/O controller interfaces
  • Programmable controllers
  • Remote input/output controllers
  • Proximity sensor interfaces

Part Number
Part Number
Description Number of Terminations Datasheet
497-10100-5-ND SCLT3-8BT8 IC SERIAL TERM 8-LINE 38HTSSOP 8 Datasheet

Demonstration Board

Part Number
Part Number
Description Primary Attributes Datasheet
497-9045-ND STEVAL-IFP007V1 BOARD EVAL BASED ON SCLT3-8 8 Channel Optical Isolation Datasheet