PD84xxx and PD85xxx Series LDMOS Transistors

STMicroelectronics' cost-effective solution for communication applications

STMicroelectronics PD84xxx and PD85xxx LDMOSSTMicroelectronics offers a complete line of low cost, low voltage LDMOS devices in small surface mount packages. The PD85xxx and PD84xxx RF transistors are built with the latest STH5 LDMOS die capable of operating from VHF through 1GHz. These components are available in the PowerSO-10RF package for the highest power and PowerFLAT™ and SOT-89 package for power down to 1W. The PD84xxx and PD85xxx transistors find applications in various communication markets, including mobile and data radios, homeland security and government radios, emergency beacons, wireless meters, RFID, and other communication applications. These devices complement ST's existing line of PD54xxx and PD55xxx LDMOS products, providing ST with a broad line of low voltage 1GHz RF FETs.

  Features   Applications
  • Power out from 1W to 35W
  • Operating frequencies from VHF to over 1GHz
  • Plastic surface mount packages
  • High gain and efficiency
  • Excellent thermal performance
    RoHS Compliant
  • Mobile and portable radios
  • Data radios
  • Emergency beacons
  • Wireless meters
  • Homeland security and government radios
  • RFID readers

Part Number
Part Number
Gain Package  
PD84002 497-8287-1-ND 2A 15dB SOT-89 PD84002 Datasheet
PD84006L-E 497-8288-1-ND 5A 15dB PowerFLAT™ (5 x 5) PD84006L-E Datasheet
PD84010-E 497-8290-5-ND 8A 16.3dB PowerSO-10RF Exposed Bottom Pad
(2 Formed Leads)
PD84010-E Datasheet
PD85004 497-8291-1-ND 2A 17dB SOT-89 PD85004 Datasheet
PD85015TR-E 497-10345-1-ND 5A 16dB PowerSO-10RF Exposed Bottom Pad
(2 Formed Leads)
PD85015TR-E Datasheet
PD85015-E 497-8296-5-ND 5A 16dB PowerSO-10RF Exposed Bottom Pad
(2 Formed Leads)
PD85015-E Datasheet
PD85025-E 497-8297-5-ND 7A 17.3dB PowerSO-10RF Exposed Bottom Pad
(2 Formed Leads)
PD85025-E Datasheet
PD85035-E 497-8299-5-ND 8A 17dB PowerSO-10RF Exposed Bottom Pad
(2 Formed Leads)
PD85035-E Datasheet
PD85035S-E 497-8300-5-ND 8A 17dB PowerSO-10
Exposed Bottom Pad
PD85035S-E Datasheet