Smart Driver L639x Series


STMicroelectronics and Digi-Key introduce a highly versatile, innovative solution for MOSFET & IGBT drivers

STMicroelectronics L639x Series The L639x is a new highly integrated, versatile high voltage gate driver platform, which allows the user to easily design a control system for a wide range of inductive loads such as motors for home appliances, factory automation, industrial drives and also HID ballasts and power supply units.

The L6390, L6392, and L6393 are high-voltage devices manufactured with the BCD "OFF-LINE" technology. They are single chip half-bridge gate drivers for N-channel power MOSFET or IGBT. The high side (floating) section is designed to stand a voltage rail up to 600 V. The logic inputs are CMOS/TTL compatible down to 3.3 V for easy interfacing microcontroller/DSP.

  • Half bridge topology for off-line applications up to 600V
  • Current capability of 270/-430 mA typical
  • 3.3V, 5V, 15V input logic compatibility
  • Op amp for advanced currents sensing
  • Comparator for protections
  • Integrated bootstrap diode
  • Smart/fast shut down internal block
  • Dedicated pin for external shut down
  • Under voltage lock out on VBoot and Vcc
  • Adjustable dead time
  • Dual inputs/inputs out of phase

  • Advantages
  • Flexible, easier and faster design
  • EMI improvement and parasitic noise reduction
  • More compact & simplified layout compared to competition
  • Fully protected applications
  • Fault protections
  • Bill of material cost reduction

  • Digi-Key P/N Vendor P/N Description  
    497-8321-2-ND L6390DTR IC DRIVER HV HI/LOW SIDE SOIC-16 L6390 Datasheet
    497-8322-2-ND L6392DTR IC DRIVER HV HI/LOW SIDE SOIC-14 L6392 Datasheet
    497-8323-2-ND L6393DTR IC GATE DRIVER HALF BRDGE SOIC14 L6393 Datasheet