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STMicroelectronics Gyroscopes

STMicroelectronics and Digi-Key introduce high performance single-axis and two-axis analog gyroscopes

STMicroelectronics' complete family of single-axis (yaw) and two-axis (pitch-and-roll, pitch-and-yaw) MEMS gyroscopes offers the industry's widest full-scale range: 30 dps to 6000 dps (degrees per second). The innovatively designed sensors provide two separate outputs at the same time: an unamplified output value and a 4x amplification to enhance design flexibility and user experience.

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ST’s new gyroscopes boast excellent stability over a wide temperature range and time, with variation typically lower than 0.05dps/°C for zero-rate level, eliminating the need for further temperature compensation in the application. Measurement precision is ensured with the negligible level of noise that affects the output signal (0.014dps/sqrt(Hz) at 30dps full-scale).

The high-performance MEMS gyroscopes are resistant to mechanical stress thanks to the robust process already successfully applied to the several hundred million ST accelerometers sold in the market and are able to operate with any supply voltage in the range of 2.7 to 3.6 V. The 5x5 mm LGA package, together with the innovative design approach, ensures a high level of integration in space-constrained designs as well as better performance and soldering stability compared with bulkier ceramic packages.


  • Complete range of full scale available (30 dps to 6000 dps)
  • Ultra stability over temperature and time
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Low noise level (0.014°/s/√Hz @ 30 dps)
  • Amplified and not amplified outputs contemporarily available
  • Extended power supply range (2.7V to 3.6V)
  • Power-down mode (<5uA) to ensure low current consumption for battery operated devices
  • Absolute angular rate output and integrated low pass filter
  • Embedded self test and high shock survivabililty
  • ECOPACK®, RoHS, and "green" compliant


  • Gaming applications
  • Pointing devices
  • Remote and game controllers
  • Motion controlled user interface
  • Industrial and robotics
  • Image stabilization for DVC and DSC
  • Image stabilization for camera phones
  • GPS navigiation systems
  • Motion tracking


STMicroelectronics MEMS Gyroscope diagram

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Available in Tape & Reel (2-ND), Cut-Tape (1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel®
Digi-Key P/N Mfg. P/N Description Range (°/s)  
497-8963-2-ND LY503ALHTR GYROSCOPE MEMS SGL AXIS 16-LGA ±30°/s LY503ALHTR Datasheet
497-8962-2-ND LY510ALHTR GYROSCOPE MEMS SGL AXIS 16-LGA ±100°/s LY510ALHTR Datasheet
497-8959-2-ND LY5150ALHTR GYROSCOPE MEMS SGL AXIS 16-LGA ±1500°/s LY5150ALHTR Datasheet
497-8961-2-ND LY530ALHTR GYROSCOPE MEMS SGL AXIS 16-LGA ±300°/s LY530ALHTR Datasheet
497-8960-2-ND LY550ALHTR GYROSCOPE MEMS SGL AXIS 16-LGA ±500°/s LY550ALHTR Datasheet
497-8968-2-ND LPR503ALTR GYROSCOPE MEMS DUAL AXIS 16-LGA ±30°/s LPR503ALTR Datasheet
497-8967-2-ND LPR510ALTR GYROSCOPE MEMS DUAL AXIS 16-LGA ±100°/s LPR510ALTR Datasheet
497-8964-2-ND LPR5150ALTR GYROSCOPE MEMS DUAL AXIS 16-LGA ±1500°/s LPR5150ALTR Datasheet
497-8966-2-ND LPR530ALTR GYROSCOPE MEMS DUAL AXIS 16-LGA ±300°/s LPR530ALTR Datasheet
497-8965-2-ND LPR550ALTR GYROSCOPE MEMS DUAL AXIS 16-LGA ±500°/s LPR550ALTR Datasheet
497-8973-2-ND LPY503ALTR GYROSCOPE MEMS DUAL AXIS 16-LGA ±30°/s LPY503ALTR Datasheet
497-8972-2-ND LPY510ALTR GYROSCOPE MEMS DUAL AXIS 16-LGA ±100°/s LPY510ALTR Datasheet
497-8969-2-ND LPY5150ALTR GYROSCOPE MEMS DUAL AXIS 16-LGA ±1500°/s LPY5150ALTR Datasheet
497-8971-2-ND LPY530ALTR GYROSCOPE MEMS DUAL AXIS 16-LGA ±300°/s LPY530ALTR Datasheet
497-8970-2-ND LPY550ALTR GYROSCOPE MEMS DUAL AXIS 16-LGA ±500°/s LPY550ALTR Datasheet

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