LY3xxALH/LPR4xxAL/LPY4xxAL MEMS Gyroscopes

STMicroelectronics LY3xxALH/LPR4xxAL/LPY4xxAL MEMS Gyroscopes

High performance gyroscopes from STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics' complete family of single-axis (yaw) and two-axis (pitch-and-roll, pitch-and-yaw) MEMS gyroscopes offers a full scale range from 30°/s to 6000°/s. Each gyroscope has analog output, low power consumption, and a small package size (3x5mm or 3x4mm LGA). These gyroscopes also provide two separate outputs at the same time; an unamplified output value and a 4x amplification to enhance design flexibility.

  Features   Applications
  • Complete range of full scale available (30°/s to 6000°/s)
  • Ultra stability over temperature and time
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Low noise level (0.015°/s/√Hz @30°/s)
  • Amplified and not amplified outputs concurrently available
  • Extended power supply range (2.7V to 3.6V)
  • Low power consumption 4.2mA @30dps
  • Power-down mode (<5µA) to ensure low current consumption for battery operated devices
  • Absolute angular rate output and integrated low pass filter
  • Embedded self test and high shock survivability
  • ECOPACK® RoHS and "Green" compliant
  • Gaming
  • Image stabilization in cameras and camcorders
  • Pointing devices and motion controller for smart user interfaces
  • Enhanced GPS solutions (dead reckoning algorithm implementation)
  • Motion control in robotics
  • Platform stabilization for industrial machinery
  • RoHS Compliant

Part Number
Part Number
Range Sensitivity Package  
LY330ALH 497-10147-ND ±300°/s 3.752mV/°/s 10-LGA LY330ALH Datasheet
LY3100ALH 497-10145-ND ±1000°/s 1.1mV/°/s 10-LGA LY3100ALH Datasheet
LY3200ALH 497-10146-ND ±2000/°/s 0.67mV/°/s 10-LGA LY3200ALH Datasheet
LPY403AL 497-10140-ND ±30°/s 33.3mV/°/s 28-LGA LPY403AL Datasheet
LPY410AL 497-10141-ND ±100°/s 10mV/°/s 28-LGA LPY410AL Datasheet
LPY430AL 497-10143-ND ±300°/s 3.33mV/°/s 28-LGA LPY430AL Datasheet
LPR403AL 497-10135-ND ±30°/s 33.3mV/°/s 28-LGA LPR403AL Datasheet
LPR410AL 497-10136-ND ±100°/s 10mV/°/s 28-LGA LPR410AL Datasheet
LPR430AL 497-10138-ND ±300°/s 3.33mV/°/s 28-LGA LPR430AL Datasheet
LPR450AL 497-10139-ND ±500°/s 2mV/°/s 28-LGA LPR450AL Datasheet
LPR4150AL 497-10137-ND ±1500°/s 0.67mV/°/s 28-LGA LPR4150AL Datasheet