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ALTAIR Primary Sensing Off-line Converters

HV MOSFET with integrated HV start up and thermal sensing from STMicro

The ALTAIR05T-800 and the ALTAIR04-900 are the first devices in STMicro's ALTAIR family of all primary sense off line HV Converters. Feedback using optocouplers is not required with the ALTAIR devices. The two initial HV Converters feature avalanche rugged 800 V 14 Ohm, and 900 V 19 Ohm power stages. Quasi-resonant ZVS topology is employed for high efficiency. The extremely low standby power consumption of 30 mW to 60 mW enables the ALTAIR devices to meet stringent regulatory no load standards. From Universal 85 VAC to 305 VAC 5 W of output power in enclosed adapter like applications and 8 W in open frame configuration can be met.

STMicro's ALTAIR05T-800 and ALTAIR04-900
Features Applications
  • 800 V( ALTAIR05T-800) avalanche rugged Power MOSFET
  • 900 V ( ALTAIR04-900) avalanche rugged Power MOSFET
  • Out put voltage and current regulation with primary sensing
  • Standby power less than 40 mw at 120 VAC
  • Hysteretic thermal shutdown integrated in power section
  • Double level over current protection with auto restart
  • Adjustable and accurate over voltage protection
  • Aux power supply
    (solar inverter, lighting, SMPS)
  • LED lighting up to 6.0 W
  • Battery charger
  • Metering
  • Wireless communication controller
  • Home appliances

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Packaging Description  
497-10809-2-ND ALTAIR05T-800TR Tape & Reel IC PRIMARY SWITCHING REG 16NSOIC Datasheet
497-10809-1-ND Cut Tape
497-10809-6-ND Digi-Reel®
497-10851-2-ND ALTAIR04-900TR Tape & Reel IC OFFLINE SWITCH PWM 16SOIC Datasheet
497-10851-1-ND Cut Tape
497-10851-6-ND Digi-Reel®