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RPC Series Thick Film Chip Resistors

Pulse withstanding thick film chip resistors from Stackpole Electronics

Stackpole's RPC Series Thick Film Chip Resistors Stackpole’s RPC series offers superior pulse handling compared to standard chip resistors. In addition, the 5% tolerance RPC’s have best in class pulse handling. This performance is achieved through elimination of the resistance calibration trim, which is the weakest point in any chip resistor with respect to pulse handling. The 1% tolerance RPC’s require a minimal laser trim and still offer outstanding pulse handling performance that is both reliable and repeatable. Standard chip resistors have pulse handling performance that varies greatly due to wide variations in laser trimming required to calibrate each part into value; this makes characterization of the pulse handling behavior difficult. In addition, the RPC in resistance values above 100 K ohms can withstand 6 KV surges.

Applications include power supply input / output protection, medical monitoring applications, many types of control systems such as those for motors and equipment, aviation and aerospace, protection for instrumentation, LED driver protection, communications infrastructure, commercial HVAC controls, wind and solar power controls, optical imaging, robotics, and automation. Datasheet

  • Broad tolerance range down to 1%
  • TCR as low as 100 ppm
  • High pulse voltage handling up to 6 KV per IEC60115-1
  • Broad resistance range 1 ohm to 20 Megohms
  • Ideal for replacement of thru-hole pulse resistors or melfs
  • High pulse power handling up to 3000 watts; consistently reliable and repeatable pulse handling

RPC 2010
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
RPC2010JT100RCT-ND RPC2010JT100R RES POWER TF 100 OHM 5% 2010
RPC2010JT150RCT-ND RPC2010JT150R RES POWER TF 150 OHM 5% 2010
RPC2010JT1K00CT-ND RPC2010JT1K00 RES POWER TF 1K OHM 5% 2010
RPC2010JT270RCT-ND RPC2010JT270R RES POWER TF 270 OHM 5% 2010
RPC2010JT390RCT-ND RPC2010JT390R RES POWER TF 390 OHM 5% 2010
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RPC 2512
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
RPC2512JT100RCT-ND RPC2512JT100R RES POWER TF 100 OHM 5% 2512
RPC2512JT150RCT-ND RPC2512JT150R RES POWER TF 150 OHM 5% 2512
RPC2512JT1R00CT-ND RPC2512JT1R00 RES POWER TF 1 OHM 5% 2512
RPC2512JT33R0CT-ND RPC2512JT33R0 RES POWER TF 33 OHM 5% 2512
RPC2512JT470RCT-ND RPC2512JT470R RES POWER TF 470 OHM 5% 2512
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