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HPC Series

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. and Digi-Key introduce High Power SMD Resistors

Stackpole Electronic's HPC series is a surface mount device with a 0.5” x 0.5” footprint capable of 5 W continuous power in free air. With 200 LFM or 400 LFM air movement, the power rating improves to 10 W and 12.5 W respectively. These power ratings are achieved without exceeding a circuit board temperature of 105° C, the typical UL limit for power applications. The new patented heat sink design reduces the number of heat sink pieces from two to one and increases the material thicknesses, while still maintaining the exact dimensions of the previous device. The new design also simplifies pick and placement and individual part marking. The heat sink is anodized to provide 800 V isolation. HPC Series

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The HPC series is a surface mount device designed to handle high power requirements in a relatively small package size without forcing excessive heat into the PCB. The patented heat sink is designed to improve the power handling of the resistive element by 25% in free air. In addition, the resistive element is held above the PCB, which adds more surface area to transfer the heat generated to the ambient air.

The thick film resistive element is inherently moisture resistant and non-inductive. The HPC can withstand short term overloads of over 50 W for 5 seconds with higher overload handling for shorter pulses. Pulse power handling for pulse durations of 0.0001 second can be as high as 2,500 W. The RoHS compliant and lead free HPC is compatible with high temperature soldering processes. The HPC can withstand 60 seconds in a 300C solder bath without any significant degradation in the terminations’ performance. The HPC offers the design engineer a non-inductive surface mount solution to any applications requiring 5 W to 12 W in a single device.

  • Special passivation for moisture sensitive applications
  • Up to 12 W with no external heat sinks
  • Compatible with conventional pick and place
  • Only 0.5” x 0.5” PCB footprint
  • Non-inductive resistive element
  • Anodized heat sink top provides 800 V voltage withstanding
  • Up to 50 W for short duration
  • Stackpole patent no. US 7,286,358B2
  • Available in 1% and 5% tolerance
  • Lead-free
  • RoHS Compliant

Type/Code HPC 12
Power Rating (Watts) @ 40°C w/400LFM flow 12W
Power Rating (Watts) @ 40°C no air flow 5W
Max Working Voltage 200V
Max Overload Voltage 400V
Dielectric Strength 1,500V
Inductance <2nH
Resistance Temperature Coefficient ±150 ppm/°C
Ohmic Range and Tolerance
1%, 5%
0.025Ω - 250KΩ
Type/Code HPC 12
Body Length (L) 0.48
Body Width (W) 0.5
Body Height (H) 0.4
Bottom Termination (b) 0.11
Units inches

HPC Series Mechanical Specifications

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Digi-Key Part Number SEI Part Number Description Resistance in Ohms Power Watts
HPC12JT22R0CT-ND HPC 12 22 5% R RES 22 OHM 5W 5% SMD 22.0 5W
HPC12JT47R0CT-ND HPC 12 47 5% R RES 47 OHM 5W 5% SMD 47.0 5W
HPC12JT10R0CT-ND HPC 12 10 5% R RES 10 OHM 5W 5% SMD 10.0 5W
HPC12JT100RCT-ND HPC 12 100 5% R RES 100 OHM 5W 5% SMD 100 5W
HPC12JTR100CT-ND HPC 12 0.1 5% R RES .1 OHM 5W 5% SMD 0.10 5W
HPC12JT12R0CT-ND HPC 12 12 5% R RES 12 OHM 5W 5% SMD 12.0 5W
HPC12JT8R20CT-ND HPC 12 8.2 5% R RES 8.2 OHM 5W 5% SMD 8.20 5W