SL Power Electronics' MINT2270

SL Power and Digi-Key offer a 270W dual output medical power supply

SL Power Electronics MINT Video Inspection SystemThe MINT2270 Condor 270W dual output series power supply from SL Power Electronics is a compact, open-frame design measuring only 3.35in x 7.17in x 1.17in (85mm x 182mm x 30mm). It has a typical full-load efficiency of 90% with remote ON/OFF by PS-ON signal. This robust, dual output power supply with 5V at 0.2A and 24V at 11.25A is intended for use in a wide range of medical equipment featuring motors that require logic or intelligence, such as bone saws and blood separation equipment.

To provide flexibility for use anywhere in the world, the MINT2270 family features a universal 100-240VAC input. The series is protected against over voltage, over current, short circuiting and over temperature, and has AC-OK and DC-OK active signals to provide status indications for the AC and DC inputs.

SL Power’s MINT2270 AC/DC power supplies feature interleaving technology for power-factor correction, which distributes magnetics to improve thermal management and reduces the amount of input and output current ripple. The family also carries a complete set of medical safety approvals including EN/IEC/UL 60601-1 and CSA 22.2 Number 601-1. In addition, the MINT2270 family is CE and RoHS compliant.


  • Size: 3.35" x 7.17" x 1.17"
  • Up to 90% efficiency typical
  • Natural interleaving technology for PFC
  • LLC technology for DC converter
  • Remote ON/OFF by PS-ON signal
  • DC-OK, AC-OK signal active
  • Medical approval - EN60601-1
Digi-Key P/N 271-2638-ND
MFG P/N MINT2270A1976E01
Datasheet MINT2270 Datasheet

Output Specifications

Total regulation 24V+/- 2%; 5VS +/-5%
Ripple & Noise 1% Vout p-p max.
Transient Response 0.5ms for 50% load change with 5ms high load and 5ms low load
Over Current Protection Hiccup mode
Short Circuit Protection Hiccup mode
Over Voltage Protection Built-in, latch off
Over Temperature Protection Auto recovery
Output Connector P/N: DT-25-B01W-04
Remote on/off on=logic high, off=logic low or open
AC-OK Signal High level when input voltage exceeds 68V Low level when input voltage below 68V
DC-OK Signal High level when output voltage is in normal range
Low level when over current, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit and PS-ON disabled

Input Specifications

Voltage 100-240VAC, +/-10%
Frequency 47-63Hz
Input Current 3A max. @115VAC input
Inrush Current 45A max.
Input Fuse T6.3A, 250VAC
Leakage Current 260uA typical
Input Harmonic IEC61000-3-2
Input Configuration P/N: DT-25-B01W-03

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature 0-70° C refer to the derating curve
Storage Temperature -40 to +85° C
Relative Humidity 0% to 95%
Altitude: Operating -500 to 10,000 ft. MSL
Altitude: Non-Operating -500 to 40,000 ft. MSL