Serpac Distributor

SE630 Series Rugged Cases

Overlapping, interlocking lid eliminates any distorting or mismatching

Serpac's rugged SE630 case has molded in ribs and corrugations, ensuring increased strength and protection for your valuables. The case has an overlapping, interlocking lid that eliminates any distorting or mismatching, and contributes to an overall sturdier construction.

The case also features a stronger and larger latch that will allow for easier access to the locking mechanism. The design feature also insures that the lock protects against abuse.

External dimensions for cases are 17.54 x 14.24 x 7.5 (inches) and weighs approximately 13.56 lbs. The case is available now in black and desert tan.
Serpac's SE630 Series Rugged Cases

  • Automatic pressure purge system
  • Molded-in padlock holes (fits standard size Masterlocks®)
  • Available with locking latches
  • Available with easy-to-install waterproof panel kits supplied with O-rings and screws
  • Available in black and desert tan

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
SR-R630-B-ND SE630,BK CASE 17.54X14.24X7.5 BLK Datasheet
SR-R630-DT-ND SE630,DT CASE 17.54X14.24X7.5" TAN
SR-R630-FB-ND SE630F,BK CASE 17.54X14.24X7.5 BLK W/FOAM
SR-R630F-DT-ND SE630F,DT CASE 17.54X14.24X7.5" TAN W/FOAM