Seoul Acrich MJT

High Voltage LEDs using Multi-Junction Technology

The Acrich MJT (Multi-Junction Technology) family of LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor provides designers new options in creating lighting solutions. The proprietary MJT technology enables the creation of high voltage LEDs in traditional packages using only a single die. Previously, designers had to use COB arrays or strings of low voltage LEDs to achieve high voltage operation. MJT shrinks the multiple junctions into a single die decreasing the size of the resulting solution and increasing the light density. High voltage operation allows the use of higher efficiency drivers or even AC drive capability. The high efficacy (120 lumens/watt, warm-white DC operation) and increased light density allow for cost-optimized performance in space-constrained applications.

The familiar package sizes of 5630, 3528, 4040 and 6540 make it easy to get to production quickly. Available in a wide variety of voltages (13, 22, 32.5, 64) as well as multiple power levels (0.25-1 watt), the Acrich MJT family is now in volume production.

Buy NowMJT 3528

MJT3528 — the highest power member of the MJT family is a 32.5V LED that can be driven up to 40 mA. Built into a high power package, this LED generates over 120 lumens at 3000K CCT and over 130 lumens at 5000K CCT at one 1 Watt nominal operating power. With a minimum CRI of 80, standard ANSI binned CCTs, and LM-80 test data, this part meets the critical needs of the general illumination designer.

Part No. VF[V] Φv[lm] CCT CRI 2θ½[°]  
SAW8WA2A 32.5 132
82 120 Spec Sheet

Buy NowMJT 4040

MJT4040 — the 4040 Acrich MJT is a high-power LED emitting 165 lumens at 20mA with a Vf of 64 volts making it an ideal device for AC and high-voltage DC circuits. Acrich MJTs (Multi-Junction Technology) provide designers high-voltage options without the compromised reliability and large form factors of multi-die chip-on-board solutions.

Part No. VF[V] Φv[lm] CCT CRI 2θ½[°]  
SAW09H0A 64 165 4,200-6,000 69 120 Spec Sheet

Buy NowMJT 5630

MJT5630 — the workhorse of the MJT family, this industry standard package is available in 19 or 22V versions in order to optimize to a wide variety of supply sources for optimum efficiency. Efficacy over 110lm/watt (3000K CCT) at full power operation coupled with high CRI, ANSI sub-binned CCTs, and LM-80 data allow for easy fixture certification to Energy Star requirements.

Part No. VF[V] Φv[lm] CCT CRI 2θ½[°]  
SAW8KG0B 22 53
82 115 Spec Sheet

Buy NowMJT 6540

MJT6540 — this product is optimized for operation in the industrial/commercial linear fluorescent replacement market producing 30 lumens at 13V and 20mA drive current. The package size is optimized for light output that replicates that of a fluorescent tube. Available in natural white CCT range (4000K to 6500K), the performance enables a competitive solution against existing T5 and T8 luminaries.

Part No. VF[V] Φv[lm] CCT CRI 2θ½[°]  
SAW8P42A 13 30 3,700-7,000 83 115 Spec Sheet

Buy Now 3M LED Thermal Products

Part No. Description Shape  
3M8805-70MM THERMO PAD FOR ACRICH2 17W 70MM Round Spec Sheet
3M8805-100MM THERMO PAD FOR ACRICH2 100MM Round Spec Sheet
3M8805-50MM THERMO PAD FOR ACRICH2 13W 50MM Round Spec Sheet
3M8805-33MM THERMO PAD FOR ACRICH2 4.3W 33MM Round Spec Sheet
3M8805-46MM THERMO PAD FOR ACRICH2 8.7W 46MM Round Spec Sheet
3M8805-25.3X35.9MM THERMO PAD FOR ACRICH2 ECO 8.7W Rectangular Spec Sheet
3M8805-34X36.5MM THERMO PAD FOR ACRICH2 ECO 12.7W Rectangular Spec Sheet


  • High Voltage, Single-Chip, Mid-Power Packages
  • Industry Standard White SMT package
  • Proprietary Multi-Junction Technology (MJT)
  • Integral Lead-Frame Heat Slug/li>
  • LM-80 data and ANSI color binning


  • High-Voltage DC or Offline AC Designs
  • Indoor and Outdoor Luminaires
  • Replacement Lamps
  • Linear Lighting Fixtures
  • Flushmount, Recessed, and Downlights


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