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Mid-Power LEDs 5630 and 3030

High performance, mid-power LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor provide a cost-effective lighting solution without sacrificing reliability

Seoul's Mid-Power LEDs 5630 and 3030Seoul Semiconductor's high-performance Mid-Power LEDs are suitable for use in a wide variety of cost-conscious lighting applications. These mid-power devices provide high-quality white light, excellent luminous efficacy and great thermal performance.

The 3030 mid-power LED is a 0.6 W top-view LED with an enhanced molding compound package for better light extraction, high temperature performance, and longer lifetime. The 3030 bridges the gap between mid-power and high-power LEDs producing 77 lumens while maintaining efficacy at high current (150 mA) and temperature.

The 5630 LED’s low power, high efficacy, and low thermal resistance make it a perfect solution for high-density arrays and strip lighting and backlighting applications where a more uniform light distribution is desired. It has tightly controlled flux, color, and voltage binning, which allows for tighter matching and blending of individual sources within a fixture.

Seoul Semiconductor is the fifth largest LED supplier in the world providing a wide selection of LEDs including Acrich2 AC-LED Modules, and AcrichMJT - Multi Junction Technology family of high-voltage LEDs. A focus on intellectual property, high-quality, and high-volume manufacturing brings innovative and industry-leading products to the lighting world. Datasheet

  • Lighting: general & decorative light
  • Indicator for electrical parts
  • Automotive lighting source
  • Electric signs and signals
  • Office automation, electrical appliances,
    industrial equipment
  • High reliability (silicone resin)
  • Ultra slim size: fit for slim design
  • High intensity: customized intensity ranks
  • Suitable for all SMT assembly and soldering methods
  • RoHs Compliant
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
897-1060-1-ND STW8Q2PA-S5T5-CA LED COOL WHITE 5000K 100MA SMD
897-1061-1-ND STW8Q2PA-S5/T5/U0-DA LED NEUTRAL WHITE 4500K .1A SMD
897-1062-1-ND STW8Q2PA-T0/T5-AA LED COOL WHITE 6500K 100MA SMD
897-1063-1-ND STW8Q2PA-T0/T5-BA LED COOL WHITE 5700K 100MA SMD
897-1072-1-ND STW8Q2PA-S0-FA LED WARM WHITE 3500K 100MA SMD
897-1075-1-ND STW8Q2PA-S0-HA LED WARM WHITE 2700K 100MA SMD
897-1074-1-ND STW8Q2PA-S0-GA LED WARM WHITE 3000K 100MA SMD