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BD604x Series - USB Battery Charge Protection IC

ROHM’s BD604x series of high performance USB charge protection ICs were specifically designed to protect battery driven devices from damage due to excessive current/voltage surges during charging via USB or third-party AC adapters. Multiple protection circuits, including over-/under-voltage lockout, overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, and startup delay, are integrated into the industry’s smallest package. Additional features include a low ON-resistance (125mΩ) FET and ultra-low 45uA current consumption, making it ideal for portable devices of all types, such as mobile phones, IC recorders, digital cameras, handheld gaming equipment, and portable audio players.

BD604x Series

Product Features:

  • 30V overvoltage protection circuit built in
  • Integrated low ON-resistance FET
  • Built-in OVLO (Over Voltage Lock Out) circuit
  • Equipped with a UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) circuit

  • OCP (Over Current Protection) circuit incorporated
  • Built-in startup delay function
  • Ultra-compact CSP package
  • Low current consumption

Digi-Key Part Number MFG P/N Voltage Resistance (V) OVLO Detection Threshold (V) Overcurrent Limiter
(A Min.)
Output ON Resistance
Package (mm)  
BD6040GUL-E2TR-ND BD6040GUL-E2 +30 6.4 1.2 125 CSP (1.6 × 1.6, t=0.55) Datasheet
BD6041GUL-E2TR-ND BD6041GUL-E2 5.85 Datasheet